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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Joe Fresh Style Review: Eye Shadow Trios and Cheek Tint Blush Stick

Well hello there my beauty followers!

Here I am with Part 2 of my Joe Fresh Style Cosmetics Brand review! If you want to read Part 1, Lipstick, Lipgloss, and Lip Stain, please click here! As mentioned previously, Joe Fresh Style Cosmetics are a real treat for me as they are available in Canada only! So, it has been fun testing and reviewing these products after getting them in a fantastic swap.

Lets start with the Cheek Tint First, as I have just one Cheek Tint to review!

Cheek Tint: Pink

Holy great deal!!! This little cheek tint only costs $4!!! What a sweet deal! Yes, the product is extremely small. But, like all great cheek tints, it only takes a very small amount of product: just a few dabs with your finger! So, this small size will last a long time!

The color itself is a prety coral pink without shimmer. It has a creamy gel texture that is somewhat balm-like. The texture is somewhat similar to the NYC Blushable Creme Sticks, but slightly "stickier". I just swipe onto my finger and apply directly to the cheeks. Gives a nice hint of color. So pretty! I think that peach-toned pinks are so pretty on fair skin. It wears as a pretty pink. Just gives such a healthy look! Love this!!! :)

For reviews keep reading after the jump:

Joe Fresh Eyeshadow Trios: Classic Collection

Smoke Trio

Smoke Trio: 

Let me start off by saying how much I love the packaging of these little trios! The shadow is housed in a hard acrylic container clear container. The packaging is sturdy and sleek. The Smoke Trio is a collection of pinkish beige, medium pink, and dark brown. The shadows are not the least bit "powdery" and are of about medium pigmentation. The beige color hardly shows up on my skin as it is pretty much a match to my skintone. But, the pink and brown show up quite well (see swatches above). I like using this set for a "nude" and natural eye look all over lid with the dark brown as a liner shade. 

Would love to tell you the name
but there was no label and couldn't find online
I will call it the "Green Trio"

Green Trio:

At first glance I thought, "these shades are NOT going to work on me"...boy was I wrong!!! The beige-yellowish shade reminds me a lot of MAC Vanilla!!! Not a total dupe, but rather close! Love this as a wash of sheer color or a highlight. It has a very subtle iridescence. The medium taupeish-army green is *lovely* in the crease and the deep army green is beautiful as a liner. Wow, I would never have guessed that these shades would work with my cool coloring and blue eyes. But, these shades really brought out the green tones in my eyes, wore well, are of good pigmentation, and are very flattering to wear! I am finding that these earthy greens are very neutral and versatile! This is by-far my favorite trio of the three!

Blue Petrol Trio

Blue Petrol Trio:

This is a trio of a light grayish blue, a medium and somewhat bright "true blue", and a navy blue. I find that I like these when worn individually, but not together. Together it is just "too much blue" with my blue eyes. But, individually, these are lovely. I like wearing the light grayish blue the best as it is just a lighter version of my eye color! The navy is gorgeous as a liner. 

All-in-all, I am pretty pleased with the Joe Fresh Style Eye Shadow Trios and I am totally in love with my Joe Fresh Style Cheek Tint (totally want more of these!!!). I look forward to exploring this brand further in the future! Hope ya'll enjoyed reading!!! XOXO!!!


Shaylee Anne said...

Yay!! I'm glad you liked these! Sorry the green one didn't have a label! It was the last one there! :( Those cheek tints are AWESOME! I have like 5 haha they come as highlighters too and yes $4 is amazing! I need to go back to superstore and find you some more Joe stuff! :D

Unknown said...

Hey Shaylee!!! :) All these items were totally aweseome!!! LOVED them! I have a bit of an obcession with the blush stick, lol!!! Yes, totally, would love more Joe items in our next swap! ;) Thanks again! XOXO!!!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I really like their cheek tints. They also have a cheek bronzer and highlight in the same kind of stick.
I haven't tried any of their trios but they look really nice (great swatches). My favourite product from the line is probably their nail polish...really good quality for a great price.

Unknown said...

Hey Alicia!!! Yes, I am loving the trios!!! :) I am actually wearing the green one today! Ooooh, that cheek bronzer/highlight stick sounds amazing! Exactly something I would love! :)

Jennifer from Toronto - Spiced Beauty said...

The green trio is my fav :)

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