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Monday, January 24, 2011

Joe Fresh Style Cosmetics: Lipstick, Lipgloss, and Lip Stain (reviews!)

Hello my beautiful readers!

This is my first of a series of two blog posts dedicated to the Canadian cosmetics brand: Joe Fresh Style. I was lucky enough to receive a variety of Joe Fresh Style products during a fun super swap with my fellow blogger and friend Shaylee over at Cosmetically Curious (now ya'll go on over now and check out her great blog too!). How *totally fun* to have an opportunity to try a brand that is not available in the US! I am telling ya'll, from what I have tried, this is really a great brand.

Well, the good news is...Joe Fresh is coming to the US for the Fall of 2011!!! I just read this in my new Feb issue of Marie Claire Magazine (there is a small spread on Joe Fresh Cosmetics). Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know Joe Fresh Style cosmetics will go over well in the US! :)

This first post will review items from the Classic Collection: Matte Lipstick in Rose, the Lipgloss in Candy, and the Lip Stain in Plum. This brand can be found at mass retailers throughout Canada for very affordable prices (each item retails for approximately $6.00). I was amazed to see such low prices on these great cosmetics! The super sleek and high quality packaging made me think that it was a much more expensive brand. But, the good news is...its not! There is nothing that I like better than a good quality cosmetic (with good packaging) for a great price. The logo and design is totally modern and sleek. I love the clean aesthetic of this line.

So, now on to the review and the swatches after the jump!

From the Classic Collection: The lipstick is appearing 
much darker here than in real life (see swatch below for better color representation)

Joe Fresh Style Matte Lipstick in Rose:

What a lovely color! This applies as a matte cool-toned rose color. You can see the purple-undertones in the swatch and photo above. So flattering on with my cool coloring. This is actually a good MLBB shade (My Lips But of these days I am going to create a tab with all my abbreviations for you readers!!!) as this applies just *slightly* darker than my natural lip shade. 

The formula wears matte without being overly dry. It is creamy and applies well. Just swipe on and easy to wear this shade and look naturally pretty! It has a total matte finish that is long-wearing. There is no scent that I can detect; so, unscented. I also love the simple white tube. It really makes the shade of the lipstick stand out. Retails for about $6.

Sorry so blurry! I am on a learning curve here with my photography! :)

Joe Fresh Style Lipgloss in Candy

Okay, I *totally* love this gloss!!! It is hard to believe that this is an $8 lipgloss as the packaging makes it appear so much more expensive! I truly feel that many mass market items cut costs with their packaging, but that is not the case with Joe Fresh Style. This gloss is housed in a hard acrylic tube that really lets the beautiful color of the product shine through. 

You apply with the brush tipped wand style applicator. The gloss is quite "gooey" and is somewhat sticky. Candy is a coral toned pink with gold micro shimmer. It wears with high shine and semi-opaque pigment.

I think this coral toned gloss would be ideal in the summer, but it is lovely to wear now too if you want a bold pop of color. It looks super bright in the tube and the picture, but really it is quite wearable and flattering. I LOVE the light vanilla scent of this gloss...seriously, I have smelled it like three times as I have been writing this, LOL!!! 

I am so happy that I have added this gloss to my collection as I tend to always buy nude pinks. Is anyone else like that (always buying the same shade)? Now I have a nice coral color to switch it up a bit! :)

Joe Fresh Style Lip Stain in Plum: 

Any Lip Stain fans out there? I totally love the idea of lipstains when you want to wear a bold color! This little lipstain is great! The color is an Uber-dark plum...a burgundy with a strong brown tone. Now, this is an extremely bold color on my fair skin, so I honestly do not wear it often. But, if I am going to go for a strong burgundy lip for going out, this would be what I would reach for!!! This lipstain wears for *hours*! It dries to a matte finish and really stains the lips. The lid snaps nice and tight (I am always concerned with this as lip stain markers can dry out quickly) and the tip is still very moist. I really like the compact size. This is a much shorter marker than my Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain. What a great price at $6!

It has been so fun trying out this "new" (new to me!) brand! Any other Joe Fresh Style fans out there? I would love to know what you like from this line!!! Also, this is my first time experimenting with page-breaks in my post. What can I say, I keep learning more and more each day on my blogging journey!!! Thanks for joining me. :) Hope you enjoyed reading!!!

Coming Soon: Joe Fresh Style Cosmetics Part 2: Eye Shadow Trios and Blush Stick reviews


Toni Tralala said...

I've always preferred matte lippies. I'm in love with the plum shade. <3

P.S. I want to invite you to participate in my Apothica giveaway. Please drop by if you're interested. :)

BeautyByKrystal said...

Love love love!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I love Joe Fresh cosmetics. A little unhappy its going to be going to the US. I feel like its one of the only brands that you can only buy in Canada and once again it won't be unique just to us. Oh well.
I haven't tried any of the lip stains but the plum one you got looks gorgeous.
Cant wait to see the rest of your items.

Nikosmommy said...

I love Joe Fresh cosmetics!! It doesn't surpRise me that the cosmetic line is a good as their fashion line is (super cute clothes) and all this from a major Canadian grocery store if you can believe it!!!

Unknown said...

Hey Toni! Yes, I love matte lippies too!!! :) Pllus, I usually top em with a little tad of gloss!

Unknown said...

Hey Priscilla-LOL! I know, right! All lipstains look like markers to me! ;) But, yes, totally your color!!!

Hey Alicia-I hear ya, but I, for one am thrilled that they will be available here. Yes, love this brand!!! I am excited to explore more options from this line!!! :)

Shaylee Anne said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad you like these! I actually *tried* to get you colours you didn't have to give you something new! hehe I know that I don't necessarily buy different colours for myself but if I get them from someone else, I will wear them! I'm totally going to get you another stain in a more wearable colour - they have so many, I love them! I can't wait to see reviews on your other goodies!

Oh, and I am also sad (like Alicia) that Joe is going to the US lol What am I going to buy you now?!?!

Unknown said...

Hey Shaylee girl!!! Yes!!! I adore the shades you selected for me!!! I feel like I am really branching out and experiementing more! You hit the mark with all these products!!! And, lol...I am sure we will find some fun things to swap even when Joe Fresh comes to the US! XOXO my dear!

Unknown said...

Hey Shaylee girl!!! Yes!!! I adore the shades you selected for me!!! I feel like I am really branching out and experiementing more! You hit the mark with all these products!!! And, lol...I am sure we will find some fun things to swap even when Joe Fresh comes to the US! XOXO my dear!

Leticia said...

These look nice! Maybe they will eventually make their way to the US.

Tracy D said...

So funny that this is something I have access to, yet have never tried. If it was something I couldn't get I'd want it all the more...crazy. Off to the Superstore to check this line out!

Unknown said...

@Nikosmommy-thats great to hear the clothes are cute too! Hard to believe from a grocery store!

@Tracy-so true!!! Lol, I am dying to try more from this line! You must tell me what you get! Have fun shopping!!!

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

Good to know you guys might have access to this fab brand soon. You gotta try their nail polish next lol, and of course their clothes

Cydonian said...

That Candy gloss is gorgeous! As for the lipstain, try applying it and blotting gently, then applying a pink gloss over top!

Sharon said...

Never heard of the brand before but everythn is just beautiful.great review dear

Unknown said...

@Halifax-Yes, I am dying to try the clothes now too! :)

Hey Sher!!! Thanks!!!

Hey Wendy! Thanks for the tips on the lipstain!!! :)

jazz goddess said...

Love the Joe Fresh cosmetics - lipglosses are great! Just bought Rose today - which is very pale but quite pretty. I also recommend the Cream Blush in Rose - gives a soft, flushed cheek colour.

Unknown said...

@MoreenMurray-Thanks for the comment! That blush sounds beautiful! :)

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