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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm having a "Love Affair" with Highlighters: Pur Minerals Mineral Light Powder (a review)

Any Pur Minerals fans out there? I am so excited to be reviewing a product from this brand because Pur Minerals is a local company for me in good ole' Atlanta, GA!!! I got this wonderful powder highlighter in a recent swap from the fabulous Shaylee over at Cosmetically Curious, and lol, I couldn't get over that I had never tried this brand before. Especially considering where I live! I don't know how I missed discovering this brand earlier!!! I really love supporting local companies, so it is a pleasure to do this review! I also won quite a few Pur Minerals items in a recent giveaway at Beauty Crazed, so all those reviews will be coming soon as well. So, with that said, lets get down to it ya'll! 

This review is for Pur Minerals Mineral Light Powder
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The Scoop:
  • This is a pressed powder mineral highlighter with a champagne beige tone. Very natural!!! 
  • Mineral Light gives you the most gorgeously subtle and naturally luminescent glow! Seriously!!! Think "ethereal". The shimmer of this product is not at all glittery, but just luminous. Your skin will really get a very pretty "good skin" glow! Show off those cheekbones with this powder ladies!
  • I like to use highlighters, in general, as a "last step" in my makeup routine. Just a nice dusting over the very tops of the cheekbones, over the brows, under brows, or just anywhere that I want light to hit my face. You can even use this as an under eye brightener or for those inner corners of your eyes. 
  • This powder is subtle enough that you could *almost* get away with it as a setting powder if applied strategically. This shade just works extremely well on my skintone. 
  • When I wear this powder I get those wonderful "your skin is pretty" compliments! Who doesn't love that!!! :)
  • This product retails, I believe, for about $23.00 (and you can find Pur Minerals at your local Ulta).  
  • I couldn't really swatch this to capture the beautiful effect. It just must be seen or tried in person!  
So, yes, I totally love this beautiful highlighter! Can ya tell! ;) My "Love Affair" with highlighters continues!!! See my previous post here for Dior's Amber Diamond Review (my new HG). 

Thanks for reading!!!


Tracy D said...

Oh my do I heart obsession. I must have this!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I love highlighters too. Any chance we could get a swatch of this?

Unknown said...

Hey Tracy! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Hey Alicia-I tried swatching, but you just really couldn't see it in the photo as the powder is so subtle. I will try again, and if I can get it to show up better I will update and post it for you! :) Thanks for stopping by! :)


Kim Axani said...

Pur .. hmm I've never heared of it, but it looks cool! You should so a swatch and look for us =)

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