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Thursday, January 13, 2011

essence colour & go polishes: total rave!

Hi readers!!! You all probably do not know that I have a *major* affinity for nail polish. I know I haven't done many posts dedicated to polish, but let me tell you...I really do love polish!!!

For me, its a color thing. Colors can impact your moods. Colors affect people. So, adding a pop of bold or bright color just really perks me up and makes me feel pretty. As far as polish goes, I like it all: drugstore formulas or HE (High End), any color or finish, dark or light, glitter or matte, metallics or you name it, I like it! What I end up wearing totally depends on my mood and what particular color is "calling me" that day. LOL, I probably sound like a total nut! :) Out of all of my makeup, I get the most experimental with color with my polishes. I generally go with natural looking makeup, so I am ready to go bold or bright or sparkly with my nails and toes!!!

Now, my regular readers probably know that I have some *major love* for the German essence brand as well. To read some more raves and reviews on essence please see some of my other essence posts like this one. Essence is just such a great low-priced brand. I mean, the prices are ridiculous. I don't think that any single item costs more that $4. With many items like liners and polishes only at $1.00 each! Now, I am all about affordable beauty products, and I love essence, but honestly...I hate to admit that even with that said, I didn't have high hopes for a $1.00 polish. I mean, at $1.00, how good could it be? Well, let me tell you, I thought wrong. These little $1.00 polishes blew me away!!! Keep reading after the jump for the polish review!

Okay ya'll, here is my NOTD (nail of the day)! I honestly would post more NOTDs if my cuticles weren't such a complete wreck! Occupational hazard as I am constantly washing my hands. So, generally my hands, nails, cuticles, and nail polishes take a daily beating. But, I just couldn't resist posting about these pretty polishes and showing you the colors. Once my cuticles get in better shape, expect to see many more nail polish posts on Pammy Blogs Beauty!!! These photos depict day 4 of wear on both the nails and the toes. These bottles state "one second per nail"...and, its true! A few swipes and you are done in one coat!!!

Gold Rush:
  • Beautiful metallic gold shade!
  • One coat applies thickly, smoothly, and evenly. 
  • No streaks! Love it!!!!

Plum Perfect:
  • Now, this is the shade of red that I love wearing! A perfect berry-toned shade. Looks great with cool skintones! :) 
  • One coat applied smoothly and evenly. 
  • Perfect matte finish.
  • Love it!!!
I absolutely LOVE it that you can get great coverage in one coat with these adorable little essence $1.00 polishes!!! Perfect! I also love the small size of the bottles as I would rather pay a lower price for a small bottle of polish because I never seem to run out of polishes anyways (so, why get a big bottle?). The design of the packaging is quite sleek! The caps are the same shade as the polish. I can't wait to pick up more of these!!! They have a pretty good range of shades at my Ulta

Thanks for reading!!!


Kim Axani said...

I LOVE polish too. My faves are Rimmel 60 Second and Revlon Top Speed .. I'm way too impatient to wait for them to dry otherwise.

Unknown said...

Hey Kimmy! Thanks for stopping by! I, too, love the Rimmel 60 Second polish! :) If it takes too long to dry, I always smudge!!! :)

sugarbumpkin said...

love the colors! cheap but excellent coverage nail polishes are always winwin!

Unknown said...

@sugarbumpkin-Agreed! :)

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Great colours. I have one of their polishes that I got in a swap. Its a nice orange-coral colour. I wanted to go to the states this weekend and get more but so far its not looking too good. Oh well I will have to wait a while. They aren't going anywhere.

Unknown said...

Alicia-looking forward to seeing what you get! :)

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