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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tried and True Recipes! (tag)

Happy Thursday my dear readers! Can you believe I am on day 4 of being snowed in!!!??? I mean, this is getting crazy! I am really starting to get creative here with my time at home. :) While this is primarily a beauty blog, I will occasionally dabble into other topics here like cooking, decorating, crafting, and telling you about my life. :)

After some tweeting last night with my fellow bloggers Stavroula from Drugstore and Bargain Lover and Wendy from Turtle Beauty about favorite recipes, we decided it would be kinda fun to start posting and sharing some tried and true recipes! What a great way to add some tasty new dishes to your usual cooking rotation!

As a full-time working woman, I am always searching for recipes that are easy and fast, but that taste great too! Here is a super-easy recipe for Fajitas. I *think* I originally got this recipe from Buford Betty, but honestly am not sure! We eat Mexican-themed dishes at our house at least 1-2x a week. I am not sure about the nutritional information on this recipe, but it sure seems healthy! ;) I almost always have all these ingredients on hand. Super duper easy recipe. Enjoy!!!

Easy Fajitas
(Chicken or Flank Steak)
Serves 2, but can easily be doubled

2 Chicken Breasts (or Flank Steak): Cut into strips
*1/2 Vidalia Onion, diced
1/2 Green Pepper, sliced
*1 Can of Rotel
*if Vidalia onion is not available in your area use any sweet onion, or yellow onion. If Rotel is not available, use any canned diced Mexican style tomato or a fresh salsa. :)

Saute' chicken or steak in oil for a few minutes until done. Add diced onions and sliced green pepper and 1 can of Rotel (drained). Cook down a few minutes. 

Serve with flour tortillas, guac, refried beans, and cheese. 


I tag anyone else who would like to do some recipe sharing!!! I am officially hungry for lunch after typing this post!!! Thanks for reading! 


AmericanMakeup said...

I'm starving too now! Sounds amazing! Following and supporting :) Great post!

Unknown said...

@AmericanMakeup-Thanks so much for the follow!!!! Welcome to my blog! :)

Stevista said...

Pfffffffffff I'm starving!! lol ! Yummy recipe! I'll post my noodles with vegetables recipe ;) x

Shaylee Anne said...

Its too bad I have to work tonight or I would have totally made these!! Maybe tomorrow night! :)

You know I LOVE mexican anything! haha

Unknown said...

@Stavroula-Can't wait for your recipe!!! I am a huge fan og Greek food too! :)
@Shaylee-Totally agreed! Love Mexican food! And this recipe is so quick and easy! :)

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