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Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 Beauty Wishlist

2011 Beauty Wish list

Well hello there my lovely readers!!! Happy 2011!!! As we know, when the New Year rolls in, we see a ton of product launches! Rather than share a 2010 faves list with you all, I decided to share with you what is on my Beauty Wish list for 2011. Not all these products are new releases, these are just items that I hope to purchase at some point this year! (photo sources are the links below each picture).

  • The Z-Palette: OMG, I am dying to order this, and this will likely be my first big beauty purchase for 2011. What a genius idea! I am hoping to order 2 in the zebra print. How cute! I have so many single shadows floating around. Having an open-ended palette to organize all my various single pan sizes would be so great. Thanks to my old friend Lisa from MakeupAlley for recommending this to me! If any of ya'll have great depotting methods. Please leave them in the comments below as I will have a lot of depotting to do!

  • Too Faced Naked Eye Kit: Oh my, this has been on my list for quite some time now. I thought the Urban Decay Naked Palette would satisfy my desire for this palette, but I am finding I am still drawn towards this very cool toned palette for creating every-day eye looks. I hope to purchase this very soon as well.

  • MAC Shadows: Ya'll, I have a whole list in this area! I am looking to build my base collection of MAC "must haves" (mostly neutrals). Here are some of the shadows on my list: Cork, Sable, Patina, All that Glitters, Electra, Print, Smut, Naked Lunch, and Cork. Anything I am missing ladies? What are your MAC faves? No, I likely won't purchase all of these, but I would really like to add these to round out my MAC collection.

  • Illamasqua Cream Blusher (any color!): This looks so pretty. I would also like to explore this entire line as I have never tried anything by Illamasqua. What do you ladies like from this line?

  • Sigma Complete Brush Kit with Brush Roll: I have so many stray/random brushes right now both high and low end. I would love to get a complete "kit". I hear that Sigma brushes are amazing quality at a much less expensive price point than MAC.

  • Origins Brighter By Nature Serum: I used an entire sample of this and loved it. I am ready to purchase the full size and explore the rest fo the Brighter by Nature line.

  • A vanity table! I have decided upon this one from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I am budgeting for this purchase in February, so stay tuned for that! They are sold out online, but I am hoping to still be able to find one in the store!!!
Exclusive from Noveau Cheap: G thanks for telling us about this release!!!

  • The new Wet n' Wild Color Icon Palettes!!! Yes, I am already stalking my Walgreen's in anticipation of their release. They look AMAZING from what I have seen online. Since I am such a Color Icon Palette fan, I am sure these won't disappoint. G over at Nouveau Cheap has gotten me totally pumped about these!

  • Anything from the Sephora Hello Kitty Collection: Literally, I would love anything from this line as I am such a Hello Kitty fanatic!!! The packaging is so darn CUTE!!!

  • The 88 Shimmer palette from BH Cosmetics or Coastal Scents. This has been on my list forever, but I really do hope to get it! :)

  • Products from LUSH. LUSH has become one of my new fav brands and I am really looking forward to exploring more items from this brand in the new year. I am particularly interested in trying their soaps, toners, serums, and massage bars.

  • Clarisonic: I am so fascinated by this device. It looks amazing, but honestly the price has been holding me back. I am a HUGE fan of my sonicare toothbrush, so a facial device from the same company must be good, right? Also, my skin does not require professional microdermabrasion, so I think this would be a great way to step up my exfoliation without going full-on microdermabrasion.

That was so fun making a wish list!!! I seriously doubt that I will purchase all the items on this list as I am on a budget...and after all it is a "wish" list! :) But, hopefully I will get some of these items bought and crossed off the list soon! :)

What are you hoping to get in 2011? Normally I don't post comments with links, but if you have created a wish list on your blog, please link it in your comments below as I would love to see what you are wishing for too!!!


Jo Woods said...

wow, what a great wish list :) I love making up a wish list.

I totally agree with you about the Hello Kitty range, I adore anything Hello Kitty.

I really like the look of that too faced naked palette. Not sure if you can get that over here. I will have to look.

Thanks for sharing xxx

Anonymous said...

We have a lot of "wishes" in common! I wish to build up my eyeshadow, bronzer and highlighter collection this year as well! :)

Unknown said...

@JoWoods-A fellow Hello Kitty lover, yay! :)

@Lip Gloss Lover-Hey Rizzie! Yes, it is so fun to make a wish list, lol...even if I don't end up purchasing half the items!!! That is the fun of "wishing"! :)

Shaylee Anne said...

This is a great wishlist Pammy! I think you just added a few things to mine too ;) haha I would go pick up that MAC Ladyblush soon if you want it - they are being discontinued! :( I'm addicted to mine, its my go-to blush for everyday so I highly recommend it!! :)

Unknown said...

@ Shaylee-Thanks girl! :) No suprise that our wishlists would be similar with our similar tastes!!! :) Oh! Thanks for letting me know about Ladyblush...I must pick that up SOON!!! XOXO!

Anonymous said...

My wish list is mostly just the UD Naked palette, but I'll settle for whatever will come my way this year :-) For now I'll remain a tiny budget gal, but who knows, one day I'll be collecting some gorgeous MAC products. I just ordered some nice Sleek palettes and I just can't wait!

Unknown said...

@DalaLuz-Yes, it shall be interesting to see what I actually purchase from this list as I am on a budget too! :) But, it is fun to just "wish"! :) XOXO!

Maria said...

Great list Pammy!

I'm not sure about the US - but the blushcreme's from MAC are on the goodbye list in Canada (Ladyblush is my favourite too, and it's sold out), i'm borderline distraught because it's my favourite!

I hope you get one before it's gone!

Unknown said...

@Maria-sounds like I better get to the MAC counter soon! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

sugarbumpkin said...

great wish list! i own the too faced smokey eye and natural eye kit, and they were both great buys. i considered buying the naked eye kit but swatched the colors at sephora and were less than impressed with them, especially since i know they can do better with their eyeshadows. the smoky eye kit had all very soft and pigmented shadows, and it seems like with each one of these new palettes they make, the quality decreases a bit. =(

Tracy D said...

As I was reading this I was thinking..want it, want it, want it! Very similar wishes. I am also making a MAC eyeshadows list & I have been told 'copperplate' is a must's a taupe color so not sure why it's called that. I have also heard some people love those Two Faced palettes more than the UD Naked. Will be interested to hear reviews as you check off items on your list!

Unknown said...

@sugarbumpkin-Hmm...maybee I should go for the Natural Eye Kit or Smokey Eye Kit instead? I will definately swatch them all before purchasing. Yes, Too Faced is usually fabulous with their shadows (I LOVE the Enchanted Glamourland set I have). Maybee this new spring collection is good? I have only seen the pictures online, so I am thinking an Ulta or Sephora trip is in order for lots of swatching!!! :) XOXO!!!

Unknown said...

@MyBestBeautyBuys-Yes, exactly! I keep hearing how great these Too Faced Palettes are and I want to snatch them up while they are still around! :) Ohh, I will have to add Copperplate to my list, yes, I have heard it is good too...and I LOVE taupes! My fav color to wear actually! Love it that we have similar tastes!!! XOXO!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I have a zebra z palette coming in the mail. I can't wait to post about it.
I would definitely add "Club" eyeshadow to your MAC list. Its by far my favourite and really amazing. Its a duo-chrome so you get 2 colours in one.
Ladyblush is a favourite but all of their blushcremes are being discontinued so definitely grab it while you still can
Finally, the Chanel Tan de Soleil bronzer is so worth the price.

Unknown said...

@FunnyFaceBeauty-Hey Alicia!!! :) How exciting! I can't wait to hear about your Z-palette...I am ordering mine this, hopefully I will have mine soon too. I have decided that it definately needs to be the first major makeup purchase of the year as it is not "new" makeup, but a way to organize my "old" makeup!!! :) Yes, I have Club and totally love it! ;) And, ohhh...must pick up some blushcremes soon! :) XOXO!!!

Allison said...

I think I want everything on that wish list :)

I made my own if you would like to see it

It was totally inspired by you! Great idea!

3ate4 said...

Really recommend Lush's CoalFace Cleanser.

Unknown said...

3ate4-Thanks for the rec!!! :)

Betty said...

Hi Pammy!
I recently got the Illamasqua Cream Blusher in "Rude", it's gorgeous! I've been using it almost every day. Also the Powder blush in "Lover" is very pretty, you should totally check them out :)

Unknown said...

@Betty-Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and for your suggestions! Can't wait to try some illamasqua blushes! I am such a HUGE fan of blush!!! :)

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