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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Random Holiday Fun at the St. Regis! "My Life" (pic heavy)

The little tiny ice rink! 

Hello there my dear readers! This is a random "My Life" post. :) While this is primarily a beauty-blog, I can't resist occasionally posting "fun stuff" from my life. Because, well, life is beautiful! :)

Living in a large Urban area, there are just so many attractions around town and fun events! Especially this time of year. So, you will sometimes (but, probably infrequently) see posts on this blog about these various "fun" events that I go to in the city.

So, last night we went to the fabulous St. Regis for a holiday Ice Skating party. The St. Regis has transformed their 6th floor balcony into an ice rink. It was so beautiful!!! The rink had a organza ceiling decked out in twinkle lights. The staff was there for us with champagne and eclairs. Yum!!! We had a great time skating. LOL-thank God that I didn't fall! I had not skated since I was little...and, well, a glass of champagne doesn't help the balance either! ;)

But, I must say my fav part of the evening was most unexpected! As we entered the St. Regis, I said, "Mmm, it smells so good in here! Like Gingerbread." That was when I discovered that they had a Life-sized gingerbread house in the Lobby. This Gingerbread house was *amazing* (and smelled amazing too) It was created by the pastry chef at the St. Regis. See the photos below for all the "stats" about this house. We got to walk inside and take pictures.

Yes, a real-live Gingerbread house!

Standing inside the Gingerbread house. 
Everything was edible!

Me and my Hub!

As a dog-lover, you gotta love the gingerbread dog house
and little gingerbread dog!

Here are the stats! Amazing!!!

What can I say but "fabulous"! It certainly isn't every day that I go to events such as these! The St. Regis is pretty new to my city, and I must say, they sure do everything with style! 

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the pics and a small glimpse of my life! :) 


Shaylee Anne said...

WOW! A life sized ginger bread house, who knew? I would love to see one of those - I might have taken a bite though! ;) I love seeing your "life" posts!! :) Hope you are having a great holiday so far Pammy!

Lots of love!


Unknown said...

Hey Shaylee! Thanks girl! And, OMG-the gingerbread house was so amazing! The Hotel manager showed us where they keep having to repair it because people try to eat it! :) Even the "snow" was coconut! Hope your holiday is wonderful too Shaylee!!!! XOXO!!!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

OMG that entire experience looks so magical! An ice rink with champagne and organza fabulous! And LOVE the life size gingerbread house. How fun!!

Unknown said...

@PreppyPinkCrocodile-Thanks KK! If I could move in to the St Regis I would, lol! So pretty!!! It was magical! Merry Christmas!

Tracy D said...

Wow that looks like a movie set..seriously how gorgeous is that?

Unknown said...

@mybestbeautybuys-Totally agree Tracy! :) thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

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