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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Aveda's Intensive Hydrating Masque: A total treat for my Winter-dry skin!

Is anyone else having a terrible time with this cold weather drying out their skin? I know that I sure am! When my skin starts feeling super-dry, I always whip out Aveda's Intensive Hydrating Masque for a moisturizing treatment for my skin.

Aveda Intensive Hydrating Masque: Review

This soothing aloe-based facial mask is such a nice treat for my dry skin! Like all Aveda products, it contains natural ingredients and good-for-your-skin ingredients such as plant extracts. My foray into Aveda products began at the hair salon that I go to, Van Michael's Salon. Aveda makes not only great hair products, but also some truly great makeup and skincare products as well! If you haven't read-up on Aveda. Head on over to their website, they are truly one of the most environmentally friendly companies that I know of. From ingredients, to production, facilities, all-in-all, a great company! High quality products with minimal environmental impact. Who doesn't like that! This is the first of many future Aveda posts on this blog!

So, on to the mask! Here are some highlights!

  • This mask provides a non-oily moisture boost to skin! Since it is a gel-base, this would be suitable for all skin types including acne-prone. Contains great ingredients like humectants (attract moisture to the skin), aloe, kelp, rosewater, and lavender.
  • Very lightly scented, I mean...practically scent-free! Would prefer no-scent (less irritating for us sensitive girls, but this fragrance does not bother me). 
  • My skin is highly sensitive; but, this mask does not irritate my skin. Yay! Not only does it not irritate, but it soothes it! 
  • I always bring this mask with me on vacations! Perfect for sunburns. Now, ya'll know I always wear my SPF and try to stay in the shade, but even with all that protection I still sometimes get burned. So, I always pack this. Just in case! 
  • Soothes any skin irritation: dryness, windburn, sunburn, etc! Aloe promotes skin healing, so soothe this on for any skin irritations! I even put this on when I accidentally burn myself (straight aloe gel would work for that too!). :) 
  • This mask immediately makes my skin "feel good" when I apply it. It is like a refreshing "drink" for my thirsty skin, LOL! Leaves my skin soft and smooth! 
  • This mask retails for about $20. Which is not bad for a good quality mask! 
  • I seriously love this and have been using this for years! I will never be without my mask.

Here is how I use it:
  • I apply this wonderful mask on those mornings that I have extra time (which is usually only the weekends). 
  • When I get up, I wet a washcloth with tepid water to remove any treatment products from the night before. 
  • I then pin back my hair (this mask is *sticky*!) and apply a generous layer all over my face.
  • I leave this mask on either until I rinse it in the shower or about 30 minutes and remove with a warm wet washcloth.
  • I follow with a moisturizer.
  • This leaves my skin feeling so moisturized and refreshed!!! 
  • Another option: Apply overnight and sleep in it. Now, it is sticky, so your hair might get stuck in it and you will probably want to change your pillow case the next day. But, it works well this way too! You can leave this mask on for as long as you want! :) 
Overall, I have nothing but love for this great mask!!! Thanks Aveda! Generally, Aveda makes some great skincare. I used to use primarily their All Sensitive Line, which is fabulous. But, unfortunately, they discontinued most products from this line. Here's to hoping that Aveda will bring back some of that line, especially the All Sensitive Toner, which used to be my HG toner! 

What do ya'll like from the Aveda line? I am planning many upcoming Aveda reviews! 


Cydonian said...

This stuff sounds nice! Do they have a body version by chance? I don't so much have trouble with my face but the backs of my arms and shins get SO dry!

Tracy D said...

I love the Aveda Hand's expensive but one of the BEST hand lotions I've ever found!

Unknown said...

@Tracy-I totally agree!!! Aveda's Hand Relief is *amazing*!!!

@Cydonian-Hey Wendy! No, I don't think they have a body version of this, but honestly, this tube is so large that you could use on your body. I have used this on my body (shoulders especially) after I have been in the sun or get sunburned. :)

Sharon said...

great review this sound great hun,I must try their products soon

Maria said...

Oooh this sounds wonderful! I wish there was something like this for body, my legs and arms are so itchy it's killing me!

Funny enough, I don't ever remember winter having this harsh an effect on my skin.

Unknown said...

@ Maria-you could always try using this on your body (or even straight aloe would be similar)

@Sher-Thanks girl! :)

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