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Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Gifts for Co-workers: My gifts this year and ideas!

Happy Holidays to you readers!

I wrapped up all my coworkers gifts last night and delivered them this morning! So, I can finally post pictures of their cute gifts (because some of them are readers I didn't want to spoil their surprise!)!!!

I know many of you need to holiday shop for gifts for co-workers, so I thought I would share this years gift just to give ya'll some ideas! I know I am always looking for economical solutions for work gifts as I need to have gifts for so many people. :)

Now, typically, I hand-make items for co-workers. It usually occurs on a big crafting "date" with some close girlfriends (including the lovely Buford Betty<--check out her cute personal blog!). We typically brainstorm over email, divide up the shopping, and get together for one big afternoon of crafting. But, unfortunately this year, we were just all way to busy to plan our usual holiday crafty-gifts (next year ladies!!!).

So, this year, I purchased gifts. I am telling you ladies, there are some *great* sales out there right now! I went to Bath and Body Works (totally *heart* this store!) and got a variety of travel sized lotions and Antibacterial hand gels. The best part, I had 3 coupons!!! So, I got $10 off, a free anti-bac hand gel, *and* free gift wrap (they give you the wrap, bow, and tag and you bag/tag it yourself)! Score! The discounts really helped as I have 25 people to purchase for here at work. So, I really can't spend much on each individual gift. If you haven't already done so, go to Bath and Body Works online and sign up to get their emails. They email coupons and discounts all the time and always email you a follow up coupon (and hand you one in store) with each purchase. I know that it is a marketing ploy to get you back in the door again; but, what can I works! Who doesn't love a good discount, right!

I randomly assorted the gift bags. Everyone got an anti-bac hand gel; and, I alternated with a fancy purse-size tissue pack (from TJMaxx), a body butter (TJMaxx), or a lotion (Bath and Body Works). The packages look so pretty tied up with a bow in a clear cellophane bag. I think they turned out super-cute!

For other ideas (especially for you crafty gals out there): In past years I have given handmade melt and pour soaps, layered cookie mix, and cocoa mix. There are a ton of "gift in a jar" recipes on the web for a variety of cookie mixes, soup mixes, etc. It is especially fun when you can arrange a craft date with your girlfriends!

Hope all of your holiday shopping and wrapping is going well! I know it felt good for me to get these gifts delivered today to my wonderful coworkers!


The Editor said...

oh, thank god i don't work this yea, haha as back in my home country I worked with friends, so I knew exactly what to get them, haha. I also think that goodies (chocolates) are a nice treat :P

Sharon said...

great gifts hun,

Unknown said...

@birminghamlady-Yes, I is hard to figure out universally appealing gifts! At least working with all women helps! :) And-absolutely, chocolate is *always* a good one!

Unknown said...

Thanks Sher! :)It was fun passing them out today! :)

SleepandMakeup said...

what a great gift idea!
thanks for sharing!
i still need to figure out what to get my friends.

Allison said...

These are so cute and thoughtful! I LOVE the idea of all those "gift in a jar" presents - it's something unique that shows you care! Your gifts definitely are appealing to anyone, and show that you put a lot of thought into it! So sweet - I'm sure they LOVED them! :)
Have a gorgeous weekend, Pammy! xox

Unknown said...

@MSodaPop: Thanks for stopping by!!! XOXO!:)

@Pricilla..akaMakeUPJunkie88: Hey girl! I know, its hard when you have quite a few to buy for a don't want to spend a lot! Great coupons out there though! XOXO!!!

@Allison-Thanks!!! You are so sweet! And, yes, those "gifts in a jar" are so fun to can even do soup mixes, dips, etc! Hope you have a super weekend too!!! XOXO!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

such great ideas. i received one of those cookie layered mixes one year and really loved it.

Unknown said...

@FunnyFaceBeauty-Thanks! :) Yes, there are some great cookie mix ideas out there! I know I always love getting those to! :)

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