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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Too Faced "Glamour to Go" Fairy Edition: review and swatches

Hello Lovely Readers! I have another Too Faced review for ya: Too Faced Too Go Fairy Edition!

As ya'll know, Too Faced has become on of my favorite makeup brands. I adore my Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland Palette so much, that I was intrigued by this pocket-sized palette in the same "Fairy" themed collection. Too Faced has had a number of these "Glamour to Go" pocket sized palettes. I believe they are Glamour to Go, Glamour to Go II, Glamour to Go III, and this new Fairy Edition. The idea is to have a very small compact with all your color cosmetics for eyes, cheeks, and lips.

My thoughs on Too Faced "Glamour to Go" Fairy Edition:
  • This Fairy Edition houses 8 eye shadows (2 matte and 6 shimmer), a blush, a bronzer, and a lipgloss. 
  • This compact really holds a LOT of product considering how TINY it is! Wow!
  • The compact itself is quite sturdy. Its a black shiny/hard plastic with a light blue sticker on top that has the Too Faced Fairy Design. Very girlie and cute packaging. The top snaps opens to reveal the shadows and a nice size mirror. The bottom slides open to reveal the blush, lipcolor, and bronzer. The design really is pretty genius for getting as much product as possible into a tiny little compact. There is no wasted space!
  • I like that there is a mix of matte and shimmer shadows in the palette (good variety and adds dimension to your look).
  • Interesting color selection! These shades coordinate nicely with my blue eyes. I especially love the peachy/pink shimmery shade, the blue shade, the bronze shade, and the brown matte shade. I love using the dark brown as an upper lash line liner and the pale blue as a lower lash line liner. The shimmery peachy pink is great on the lids and really makes my blue eyes "pop". While I like the colors, I find that I need to reach for other shadows from my makeup collection to "complete" my eye looks.
  • Pigmentation seems to vary with these shadows. I find that with my uber-pale skin that the matte pink and the shimmery champagne shadows dont really show up on my skin. So, really, I find that I am not using all the shadows in this kit. Kinda hit-or-miss with me on the shadow colors. The bronze, blue, gold, and peach are nicely pigmented and I reach for these shades the most. The liner shades are well pigmented too.
  • Lets talk about the blush: I *totally love and adore* this beautiful blush!!! It is a matte medium-bright, well pigmented, pink. Wow! I apply with a light hand (as it is VERY pigmented) and it *really* brightens up my winter-pale complexion. So pretty!!!!
  • The lipcolor is a nice sheer neutral brownish pink. It is one of those colors that I find universally flattering to all skin tones. It has a lovely vanilla-like scent that just makes the entire palette smell yummy. I mean, serious, LOL, I smell this palette every time I open it. Yes, I know...I am a NUT! :) The lipcolor is very creamy and moisturizing and applies well with a lipbrush.
  • Okay, lets talk about this bronzer...OMG, I LOVE it!!! This is the *ideal* bronzer for my fair skin. I just apply a light sweep of bronzer with my mini Ecotools kabuki brush (because of the small pan size) to the "3" areas. It makes me look instantly "healthier". I have to be careful with bronzers on my fair skin because they can look "muddy" on me...but not this one...just lightly shimmery and beautiful sheer color.
  • For me, this palette is worth it for the blush and bronzer alone...but, you also get a very wearable lipshade and 8, really, you can't go wrong here. Especially for the great price of $19.99.
  • Great for travel or for your purse! The small size of this compact makes it perfect for "On the Go" (hense the whole "Glamour to Go" name). This gives you most of the products you need for a complete look (but as I mentioned, I tend to add other shadows from my collection when creating eye looks with this palette).
  • I find that I reach for this palette mostly for the blush, bronzer, and when I want to use that beautiful blue shadow to line my lower lash line.

You can clearly see how pigmented this blush is! 
I wouldn't apply this heavily on my face :) Just wanted to show 
you a good swatch! 

So, in summary, a rave for this palette (especially because of the bronzer, blush, and the peachy/pink and blue shadow). This palette would make an adorable stocking stuffer. Especially for girlie girls because of the Fairy theme. Have any of ya'll tried any other Too Faced "Glamour to Go" palettes? Would love to hear how you are liking those. I love a good "travel" palette and would love to investigate the other "Glamour to Go" compacts.

Hope you enjoyed reading! Have a great day!!!


Shaylee Anne said...

Oh man Pammy!! I saw this in the store and wasn't so intrigued - I actually didn't even look twice! BUT having seen your swatches and read all your glowing reviews for all the products inside I need to go back and check this out!! Those colours are gorgeous and $19.99? AMAZING for Too Faced! (Although I know it will be like $32 here lol) Still a decent deal! Thanks so much for your in depth reviews they are always so detailed (and generally make me want everything you talk about lol)!


Unknown said...

Awhhhh! Thanks for the sweet compliment Shaylee!!! :) (((HUGS)))! And, know whats so funny...I walked right by this too initally, but there was a Too Faced MA at Ulta that day and she suggested this to me (and told me the price), and I said no thank you...then I walked around the store and came back realizing that was a great deal for TF! LOL-I used to work retail and know those suggestive sales work! Yes, this product is worth it for the blush and bronzer alone. And the products just smell so yummy! But, you are going to get a lot of variation with the pigmentation of the shadows, some are great and some just dont really show up on me. But, overall I *heart* this little palette!

Irene Blushing Loves said...

Thanks for the review and swatches hun!!!Those blushes look gorgeous!!!

Unknown said...

@Blushingloves-thanks girl! Its "all about" the blushes for me! I am a blush-fanatic!!! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Unknown said...

Hey Priscilla! Thanks for stopping by! :) Yes-this would be a great intro into Too Faced for you...and a good bright blue for you to work with (I know you *heart* color!)...and, my Ulta lets you use coupons towards Too Faced (so try a coupon if you have one!), I ended up getting mine for $15 after the coupon! :) XOXO!

Lady Fashionista said...

I want this so bad, I hope I can get it on Christmas! :)

Unknown said...

I hope you get it too @LadyFashionista! :)

Sharon said...

very pretty palette hun,love it.I want e Enchanted Glamourland palette so bad

Toni Tralala said...

I saw this in Sephora and read bad reviews about it so I didn't even bother to take a look but then again, this is making me rethink the product!

Unknown said...

@Sher-Thanks girl! :) I hear ya, Enchanted Glamourland is really good (and I think the quality is a bit better than in this "to go" version). Thanks for stopping by!

@ToniTralala-Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog! I do think this is a cute palette, but, as always, YMMV! :) For me, it is worth it for the blush and bronzer alone! :)

xAgnes said...

ooooooooo! i really wanted to pick this up with my BI gift card :( but my sephora ran out of it *cries* so i got their glamour to go palette II instead.. hoping it'll be at least half as good! (that blush looks sooooooooo pretty!!) haha although i havent had time to review it yet because of finals.. anyways, thank you for this great post! i really love the packaging and the blush :) maybe i'll pick this up too, xmas present for myself? hahaha.. we'll see ;) thanks pammy!

Anahita said...

this palette looks super pretty! love that fairy theme :)

Unknown said...

@Agnes-Hope you like the Glamour to go II-that one looks good too! :) Yes, the packaging is too cute! Thanks for stopping by! :)

@Madiha-Thanks for the comment! Yes-the Fairy theme is too cute, right! :)

Cydonian said...

I thought about getting this for a friend of mine and I went "naaaah..." now I'm gonna go back and get it for her LOL

Gaby Fauchon said...

Aww it looks lovely! I love the packaging! What a great review, very detailed, just like I like them (=

Kim Axani said...

Thanks for this! I love Too Faced's palettes, too, they are always so visually stunning to look at. I got my friend the other fairy one ( a little bigger) for her bday and can't wait to give it to her. Hopefully it's as good as this one!

Unknown said...

@Cyndonian-lol, I hear ya! I hope your friend likes it-a great gift!!! I always get ideas from your blog too! :)

@Gaby-Thanks girl! You are so sweet!

@Miss Kimmy-Hey girl! Yes, I agree...the packaging on these too-faced palettes are just gorg! (esp the enchanted glamourland)...I am such a sucker for pretty packaging. Hope your friend likes her present!!!

XOXO to you all!

MaquiLab said...

Wow, you really got me into buying it :) I was wondering whether I should squeeze my already tight budget, but... I'll be having nightmares if I don't get this palette :)

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Awesome. Thanks for the swatches, I was wondering what the colours were like. I have too many palettes so I have to pass on this, but it looks great.

Unknown said...

@Eli-lol! :) Hope you can get it!

@FunnyFaceBeauty-Hey girl! THanks for stopping by! :)

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