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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland: Review and *total rave*!

Here I am with another review! And this one is a GLOWING review and a "total rave" for sure! This is an amazingly beautiful set! I am totally *in love* with it! :)

First of all, the value of this set is insane! The Enchanted Glamourland by Too Faced is $49 at Sephora with an estimated value of $145. I think it was so generous of Too Faced to provide full-sized products in this kit!!! This kit contains a Le Vie en Rose blush, Snow Bunny Bronzer (highlighter/bronzer), a full sized lip gloss: Glamour Gloss in Pillow talk, 15 eye shadows (.03 oz size), and a full sized Shadow Insurance primer. I mean, a full sized Shadow Insurance is about $18 and a full sized TF lip gloss is about $, you can clearly see the value here! You get pretty much everything you need for a complete look!

As you guys can see from the pictures, the set is absolutely beautiful! The packaging is sparkly and girlie and just pretty. Super girlie packaging, which is "so me"!!! Love, love, love the "fairy" theme and packaging. The "front cover" of the palette features pop-up pictures of fairies, etc (and the blush and bronzer are located here).

Now, lets face it, the pop ups are not necessary...but, are a totally cute addition. If you are a collector, then you will for sure want to pick up this beautiful set. I actually find myself wanting to create the makeup looks that are on the little pop-up fairy girls and the girl on the cover. The set also has 3 "look"/makeup-tip pull-out cards in a pocket in the front section. I havent tried each particular look, but it gives you some great ideas for experiementing with some new looks. No need for a makeup rut! The eyeshadows, Shadow Insurance, and lipgloss are housed in a pull-out drawer that acutally and convieniently pulls completely out.

I hope you guys can read the shade names here??? If not let me know,
and I will add them. 

These eye shadows are gorgeous! TDF!!! The shadows have a rich buttery texture and are highly pigmented. Seriously, these are high quality shadows! You get a great array of colors here and many colors exclusive specifically to this palette and named, repetitively "exclusive". There are some mattes, shimmers/satins, sparkles...light shades, dark shades, and even some with totally lovely micro fine glitter.

My personal faves from this palette are:

  • Peach Fizz (goldish nude color with iridescent/gold micro fine glitter: absolutely fab as a allover lid color worn alone with black liquid winged liner)
  • Honey Pot (bronzy metallic gold)
  • Exclusive (purple with duo chrome metallic finish and some pinkish tone)
  • Velvet Revolver (perfect "just above the crease" blending color for blending out a smoky eye)
  • Exclusive (deep brown with blue micro glitter: great eyeliner!)
  • Ooh & Ahh (the best true silver metallic shadow I have ever tried! Applies soooo metallic!)
  • Stiletto (Deep matte Black: Very pigmented...will become my most used black shadow).  
Just a few of my faves....but, they are all great! And, I can't wait to play around with these colors more and do more looks! :) 

For Halloween, I did a very dramatic eye with Stiletto on the outer corner/outer lid smoked out through through the crease, with Ohh & Aah on the middle lid blended out and the inner corner, Velvet Revolver to blend out the crease and just above the crease, and In the Buff for Brow Highlight. 

Here are the eyeshadow swatches! I did them in the exact order of the palette. 
My camera does not do them justice! Look how pigmented they are with just a 
quick finger swipe! The camera did not pick up on the glittery shades, but the glitter is
micro fine and absolutely beautiful!

I really love the color have everything you need for a smokey eye here! But, you can do so many other looks with this color selection too...a pastel eye, a light eye, a shimmery/glittery eye with black liner. So many choices! The metallics and glitter shades in this collection really stand out! And, I think that what makes this set unique is that you literally have all the shades you need right in the palette to do so many looks! No need to "finish off" a look with one of your MAC shadows...really, you have all the bases covered here!

As far as the rest of the kit:

  • Shadow Insurance: This is a *great* eyeshadow base! *I am planning a future blog post comparing and contrasting the various shadow bases that I have tried. So, be on the lookout for that.* I love that this eyeshadow base comes in a squeeze tube instead of the doe-foot type applicator that most eye bases seem to come with. Just squeeze out exactly what you need! I feel that squeeze tubes are just so much more sanitary to work with! (yes, I am a bit of a germ-a-phobe). Also, this is a *full size* product! This tube will last me a long time! 

  • Snow Bunny Bronzer/Highlighter: This is quickly becoming one of my favorite highlighters (really more of a highlighter than a bronzer). I swirl all the colors together with my kabuki bronzer brush and apply in the "3" patter on forehead, cheekbones, etc. Sometimes I take my elf fan brush and apply just the light shades to the tops of my cheekbones and over the brow area. Either looks fantastic on my fair skin...and I think will become a winter-staple highlighter for me. Gives a nice "glow" without being over the top glittery. Definitely "fairy" like!!! What a wonderful addition to this palette. I like it so much that I would consider buying this on its own just to have a more portable travel-friendly version of this! 

  • Le Vie en Rose blush: Such a nice neutral shimmery mid-tone pink. Goes great with these shadows and layers nicely with the snow bunny bronzer/highlighter. Gives such a nice rosy flush to the cheeks. Love it with my pale skin. Will certainly brighten up winter-pale skin! :)

  • Glamour Gloss in Pillow Talk: Saved one of the "best for last"!!! This gloss is AMAZING ya'll!!! Totally love it! It was such a "bonus" to me as I primarily wanted this set for its beautiful shadow selections. The fact that I now have a new fav, like I said, a total bonus and just the "icing on the cake" of me loving this whole set! This gloss has a yummy cake-like vanilla scent...actually, the scent totally reminds me of the "classic" Bonne Bell Vanilla Lipgloss! Yum!  Sweet smelling without being overly sweet (you guys know I am picky about gloss flavor/scents)...this one is great! It is called a Volumizing Lip Gloss with "Lip Injection Comfort Plump" as it does not plump lips by irritating them. I actually find this gloss to be quite moisturizing. It has a beautiful sparkly peachy/nude color. This gloss pairs wonderfully with the shadows, highlighter, and blush in this wonderful set! I am finding that I am reaching for this gloss all the time! Beautiful! And, I will certainly repurchase this gloss! And, how cute is it that it has a jewel on the end. Fit for an Enchanted Fairy (okay, sorry, dorking out here!)! :) 

So, all-in-all, a *total rave* for the Enchanted Glamourland set!!! The only downside might be that the packaging is a bit bulky for travel. But, at the same time, if you traveled with this...this set would be practically all you would need to bring (just toss your brushes, concealer, mascara, and powder/foundation in a bag...and you would be good-to-go).

I highly recommend this set! This is my first foray into Too Faced shadows and blushes/highlighters (been a fan of their lipglosses for quite some time!)...and I will for sure be back for more! Very high quality and awesome products! Without question, I would totally repurchase this set!

If you are thinking about this set...I would go ahead and get it as I am quite certain that this will sell out soon. I am very happy with my purchase. Love, love, love it!!! This was my "big treat" to myself...and I am so pleased. :) I think the whole "Fairy" line from Too Faced looks great and can't wait to try more items from this collection!

Hope you enjoyed reading! As always, I would love to hear your thoughts!


Coming soon:
-Too Faced Glamour-to-Go: Fairy Edition: Review


Lais said...

Great review. I am loving the colors on that palette.

Unknown said...

Thanks! I am totally blown away by these shadows and the color selection! Super fun palette...especially with the holidays approaching! :) Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

Ashley said...

I REALLY want this now! Even more than before :) Thanks so much for the great really thorough review!

Oh what's your twitter info? I would love to follow there also!

Unknown said...

AffordableBeauty-Thanks so much! And, thanks for reading! I am loving this palette/set more every time I use it! :) Would repurchase in a heartbeat!

Yes, I am on twitter (and for some reason I cant get my twitter info to show up in the sidebar with my blog layout, grr), here is my twitter link, I would love you to follow on there :)!/pammyblogbeauty


Shaylee Anne said...

Fantiastic review! I was playing with this at Sephora yesterday (I'm going to treat myself to a palette soon!) and its so pretty! You made me want it a thousand times more! :)

Ashley said...

Hey I'm following you now :) My handle is AshleyJazzyBear! Oh and I'm going to have to talk myself out of that lovely looking palette! I'm a full time college student i.e. poor :)

Unknown said...

Yay Ashley! I'm off to twitter to find you on there now. :) I hear ya...Maybee elf or some other brand will come out with a nice dupe to this palette? :)

Shaylee, thanks for the comment! I am still testing the Mario far so good! And, yes, this palette is so good! :) If I can ever figure out youtube filming this would be great for tutorials (Holiday makeup looks, etc).

All Made Up said...

Fantastic review! I adore all the too faced stuff anyway and when it comes as beautifully packaged as this I just want it all the more. The swatches look great and I think the shadow insurance would come in really handy cos I like having a spare just in case :)

Unknown said...

Thanks ladies! I agree...great packaging + great product=hard to resist!!! I am so super impressed with the quality...and its just too cute! :)Oh, FYI on the shadows as you cant really tell from the picture...but, that silver shadow is AMAZING!

MrzHighlife said...

I bought this palette as well and I have to agree with everything you said! I love the gloss as well and will be buying more of that line just because the shimmer is good and not too sticky which i hate. Also the black eyeshadow is awesome i have used it like crazy! Thanks for the awesome review! just followed today btw!

Unknown said...

@MrzHighlife-Thanks for following my blog!!! Yes, isn't this palette amazing!!! The gloss is the perfect balance of stickiness and shimmer...agreed...just perfect! :) This seems to be the black e/s that I reach for the most. Such good pigmented. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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