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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Spanx: Be a wear-tester!!!

Hello everyone! I am here today to tell you about a great opportunity!!!

I have been a Spanx wear-tester for a little over a year and I have totally been enjoying it (thanks to Buford Betty for getting me started with this!)! I just got an email from Spanx yesterday asking for referrals for more wear testers!!! And of course I thought of my wonderful readers!!! Just thought I would share this opportunity with you...keep reading for the details about how to participate! :)

I am not allowed to say much regarding the specifics of wear-testing (they have rules about not posting certain details online). But, I can tell you that is is fun!!! Basically, Spanx sends you various proto-type items to wear and you fill out detailed online survey with your honest thoughts on the product-and sometimes they call you with follow up questions. The best get to *keep* everything they send you!!! I have wear tested for other companies who have not let you keep the, I think that is a huge bonus!

Spanx is a local company here in my hometown of Atlanta, GA. So, I love supporting a local company (tangent: another reason why I love Oka-b shoes too...supporting local!)! But, you don't have to live in Atlanta to participate in the Spanx wear test program. :)

Please check out Spanx's website. That way you can learn a little bit about Spanx before applying. This company offers high quality items! Not only do they have the shapers that they are famous for, but also camis, leggings, tights, etc!

*If you are interested in participating, just send an email to That's all you need to do to get started!!! If they select you, you will get a follow up email! Hope you can join the team of wear-testers! It has been a great experience for me!


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