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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Beading Project: Any other beaders out there?

Hi again everyone! I couldn't resist a "quick" post to share with you all my new beading supplies! Any other beaders out there?

This is a relatively new hobby for me as I started self-teaching myself beading this summer. My skills are pretty limited. But, I am excited to learn more! I have been so busy at work that I just haven't had much time to devote to beading lately. So, I am super excited to have some time off so that I can get started with some quick projects.

I have a few special girls in my life that I wanted to make bracelets for, for Christmas! :) So Heather A. and Bestie...if you are reading this, act surprised when you see your finished bracelets! :) Also, I will likely make a bracelet to include in the items in my upcoming blog giveaway (still waiting for that 100 Google Connect follower milestone!).

Hope you all are having a great day!


Unknown said...

Awhh! How cute about your daughter! :) No, not doing from the pic, but will figure out something! :)

Unknown said...

I will post a picture of the finished products! :)

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I'd love to be a beader but have no idea how to start. My friend got me a little starting kit with instructions but I am totally lost.

Unknown said...

FunnyFaceBeauty-I got a few beginners books that had some patterns...also, there are some good youtube tutorials with basic beading techniques. :) Its fun once you get down some of the basics...but, I think I would need to take a class to learn the more intricate beading work. :)

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