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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hair cut idea...

Hi again ladies! Okay, so some of you know that I am "attempting" to grow out my long bangs in order to get a more uniform "bob" haircut. Well, with my long hair, and my long bangs driving me crazy...I am so tempted to get this Taylor Swift haircut!!! Okay, granted, it is *so similar* to how my hair is now. I mean, really! But, I would love to get a really heavy blunt bang like this (right now I have the side-bang thing goin on). What do you guys think??? My hair would totally do this style (see previous post: January Jones's haircut). Growing out the bangs has just been driving me bananas...seriously!

Here is another good one!

Thanks for listening to my hair-ramblings. LOL! Can you tell I'm on vacation! :)



Shaylee Anne said...

Man, I need a haircut so badly too! haha I think this would look great on you! I love having bangs! (I don't have any right now, my hair is an overgrown mess!) haha

Unknown said...

Thanks Shaylee!!! I am so "over" my overgrown/growning out bangs, that I swear, I am tempted to take some sissors into the bathroom right now and chop away, LOL!!! :) I agree...bangs are great!!! Its decided!

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