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Saturday, November 27, 2010

I *heart* Redken (cont.): Blonde Glam Line Review

Here is part 2 of my "I *heart* Redken" series!

Being a highlighted blonde, I could not resist trying the Blonde Glam line! Just as a reminder (if you didn't read my previous article or are a new reader): I have very long, straight, thick yet fine, dry, highlighted blonde hair. I am usually looking for shampoos/conditioners/or treatment products that provide moisture, strength, or color protection/correction. So, that is a "tall order" for my hair products!

The Blonde Glam line focus on increasing the "shine factor" for blonde hair. Blonde hair that is not shiny just looks "flat" and dull. So, a shine boost is a great thing for blondes! But, with shine products, you do walk that fine line between adding shine...and adding "grease".

Blonde Glam Shampoo:
  • Rich/thick pearly shampoo. 
  • Very concentrated
  • Lathers extremely weel
  • Very "fresh" lemons.
  • My husband always complements that my hair smells nice when I use this. Such a "clean" scent. 
  • Very gentle shampoo

Blonde Glam Conditioner:

  • I find this to be very richly conditioning
  • This is somewhat hard to rinse out...definitely leaves a residue.
  • Be careful to not apply too close to roots or your roots may appear "greasy" from the shine enhancers.

Blond Glam: Color Correcting treatment:

  • LOVE this!!!
  • Great for toning down slightly brassy hair.
  • This is a purple based color corrector. It adds purple pigment to hair to counteract the yellow/brassy tones.
  • I apply to hair as a thick mask after washing and let sit for about 5 minutes.
  • This product does not over dry hair like other color correctors that I have tried.
  • While this product is conditioning, I still follow it up with using the Blonde Glam conditioner.

General thoughts on the Blonde Glam line:

  • My hair styles well after using this, although it does seem to feel weighed down a bit. Slight "residue" left behind. So hair is left not as "bouncy" as usual. But, very shiny!
  • Overall, I prefer the Redken All Soft line. But, when I am using the Blonde Glam Color Correction treatment, I like to use it with the rest of the Blonde Glam line as I think they work well with each other.
  • I find that my hair styles very well after using the Blonde Glam color correcting treatment. The texture of my hair feels smoother and actually feels "thicker" after using the treatment.
  • And as with all Redken products: I feel that with Redken, you are getting a high quality product at a reasonable price (considering it to be a salon-brand). So, for me, a good mid-priced option!!!
  • I will totally repurchase these products. :)

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this review! You blondes out there...what do you like to shampoo with to keep your blonde hair looking good?


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Unknown said...

@MakeupJunkie88-Pricilla! Hey girl! :) Ohhh-Full Body line? That sounds nice...and I am always looking for something to give my fine hair more body. Will have to check that out, lol, Redken is making me empty my pocket too! :) Worth it for quality hair care! P.S. I totally can't picture you blonde!

joana said...

AMAZING! I LOVE every single product that they have

Unknown said...

Johanna-agreed! I have pretty much loved everything that I have tried by Redken! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Christine said...

The purse hanger is amazing, you should absolutely pick one up. Ebay has so many cute ones, you should check them out :)

xoxo Christine

Kim Axani said...

Oooh, this was my go-to product line when I was a blonde =) The smell was great, like juicy ju jube candy or something!

Unknown said...

@Miss*Kimmy-agreed! The scent is divine! :) Thanks for reading! :)

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