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Friday, November 26, 2010

EOS Lipbalms: Cute giftset (review!)

Don't you love stumbling across unexpectedly cute things while on a random trip to the drugstore!!! This cute little set literally "jumped out at me" while I was waiting at the beauty counter to checkout. I have been wanting to try the eos balms for quite some time and figured this gift set was the way to do it! 3 cute lip balms and an *adorable* case. This is great because I can keep one balm in my purse, one by my bedside, and one on my desk at work. :)

My lips get so dry in the colder weather so this is a *perfect* time to test out new lip balms. So, for the purposes of this review. I have used *only* eos balms for moisture this past week.

In the gift set:

  • Honeysuckle Honeydew: (light green container) This is my fave scent/flavor of the group! It really does smell like Honeydew melon (which I love). :) 
  • Lemon Drop (the only one with SPF 15): Smells of lemon (hence the name), love that this one includes an SPF 15, wish they all did! This is the one I keep in my purse because of the SPF 15. 
  • Summer Fruit: Not that crazy about the scent of this one (reminds me of cough syrup!), but that's just me! :) 

Cosmetic Case: The case has a "summery" feel and would be a great addition to any pool bag! I am thinking that this will become my new makeup case for my purse as I love makeup bags that you can see through. When I grab my cosmetics bag from my purse, I am usually in some sort of "hurry" to reapply and I just think that a see-through case minimizes the digging you do to find your desired product.

The low-down:

  • Totally cute and unique packaging. I have honestly never tried a balm quite like this!
  • Unique size and shape make it easy to find in your purse. And, it looks cute sitting out on your counter or nightstand. :)
  • Love the "soft" texture of the container. Its that "fuzzy" plastic feel. :) Hard to describe (does that make sense)...kinda like the NARS soft packaging. 
  • After using these exclusively (no other lip balms used) for over a week, I must say, my lips are in great condition! The only other product that I used before starting this "test" was LUSH's Bubblegum Sugar Scrub (which really prepped my lips well for this test).
  • Somewhat hard balm. It warms a bit as you rub it into your lips.
  • Waxy, yet moisturizing base makes it the *ideal* prep for lipstick/liner/gloss. I had been using Smith's Rosebud Salve to prep my lips for makeup. But, I think that was almost too moisturizing and color would not last as long. I feel the EOS works much better as a "base" for your lip color!
  • Because of the cute shape and flavor/scent of this lip balm, I actually felt myself "wanting" to apply it more!
  • These  would make a great gift/stocking stuffer!
  • Petroleum and Paraban free

Verdict: I *LOVE* these cute little balms! I will totally repurchase these! :)

Hope you enjoyed reading!


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Shaylee Anne said...

Great Review Pammy! So I found these balms (including this set) finally in Calgary...funny thing is though, you piad $9.99 for the set and here its $16.99!! AHH! So expensive! I'm glad you liked them! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely set :D I wish it was sold here too!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

How adorable! Love the packaging.

Unknown said...

@PreppyPinkCrocodile: KK-Yes, the colors and packaging are very "preppy" (you and Amanda would love for sure!)
@FashionedinFinland: Nea-I always think the same thing "I wish it was sold in the US" when I read your lovely reviews! We should do a swap in the future! :)
@CosmeticallyCurious:-Shaylee: Oh, you found them! OMG-I can't believe the price though! I will happily send you some!!! I mean, your price is practically double (which is a lot for lipblams!) :)

Thanks for reading ladies! :)

liketreasure said...

I'm seeing a lot of people raving about these lately, I wish they were available in the UK without the ridiculous shipping costs. They're only little as well, and I'm guessing not very heavy, no way should they cost as much as they do to ship!

Might be in the States in the New Year though, so I shall keep my eyes peeled :) x

Unknown said...

@communicating beauty: I hear ya! They are light, you would think shipping would be cheap, but no? I wonder if you could find some deal on ebay!

Unknown said...

Hey Pricilla! :) Thanks girl! Your daughter would *love* these!!! :) Muwah!!! XOXO! P

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