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Saturday, October 23, 2010

De-puff Swollen/Puffy Eyes: Tips and Tricks!!!

This morning I woke up with the worst Puffy eyes! I blame last night's Buffalo-style pizza, wine, and my allergies! I am such a health-conscious person, but everyone deserves a night or two of Mexican food or pizza! High sodium foods always do this too me. I usually *try* to remember to drink extra water with salty meals. But, sometimes I forget and wake up with super swollen puffy eyes...and I need a morning-time solution. I have collected various tips and tricks through the years for some quick de-puffery! So, I just thought I would share these tips with my blog-readers!

My arsenal of anti-puffers: cold spoons, gel eye mask, buckwheat eye pillow

Tip 1:
Use a cold gel filled mask. I have one that I keep on the refrigerator door for days like these. I put a handkerchief across my eyes and then the eyemask on top of the handkerchief (you need to be careful that the mask is not "too cold" against delicate eye skin and the handkerchief is more soft than the plastic mask). Lay down with feet elevated and eyemask on for about 5 mins.

Tip 2:
Lie down with cold sliced cucumbers on eyes. This works great, but I never seem to have cucumbers when I need them! :)

Tip 3:
Lie down with cold wet teabags on eyes (must contain caffeine, so a good black tea, not herbal). The coolness and the caffeine work together to bring down swelling.

Tip 4:
Chill 2 spoons in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Lie down, put handkerchief over eyes and spoons over handkerchief with eyes in scoop part of spoon.

Tip 5:
Use a soft frozen "eye pillow". Mine was handmade by a friend and filled with either rice or buckwheat (or maybe a mixture of both). I keep this in the freezer. Lay down and drape the mask across your eyes. The weight and coldness feels great!

Tip 6:
Drink a mug of hot water with the juice of 1 lemon. I learned this from a makeup artist a few years ago. He said that drinking hot water with lemon when you first wake up combats puffiness and dark circles (now, I have not found it to help with the dark circles). I add honey. Not sure if this "works", but it does hydrate you quickly and I am sure the lemon is good for you even though the hot water probably kills the Vit C content (if I remember correctly, heat kills Vit C). Either way, I have kinda developed a bit of a taste for the flavor of this!

Tip 7:
Keep a gel based eye cream in the fridge. Apply. I usually request eye cream samples when I order products online...and I just toss the little eye cream packets in the fridge (dedicate some fridge space on the door for your eye mask, eye cream packets, and some spray toner)

Hope this helps someone out there! I know I am always reaching for one or more of the above solutions after a night of Mexican food or pizza (and I am sure requesting salt on the rim of my margarita glass doesn't help either!). Don't forget to hydrate!!!

Would love to hear if any readers have more tips!



Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

When I drink hot tea, I put the used bag in a zip baggie and in the fridge if I will use it the next day or the freezer for future use. Defrost two at night in the fridge to use the next morning. Best part is that it's FREE.

Unknown said...

That is an aweseome tip KK!!! I am a big tea drinker...and never thought to automatically freeze my used tea bags. Great tip! Just defrost in the evening when you get home from a yummy mexian meal or pizza (when you *know* those eyes will swell!) I am totally doing that! :)Thanks for the tip!!! :)

Unknown said...

I do the tea bag thing, too. Bonus: I drink one cup of green tea every morning. After I remove the bag, I let it cool & rub it over my whole face in hopes that some of those wonderful antioxidants will permeate my skin. I also cool the black tea bags after making my daily gallon of iced tea For the next morning's eye de-puff. Eye gel also permanently in the fridge....
that said...I think it's somewhat hereditary. I definitely see an eye lift in my future. If anyone finally finds that miracle stuff, though, Please let me know immediately!

Unknown said...

Nova! Like your thinking here on the green tea "facial". It has been my recent "resolution" to drink more green tea...I make it iced and hot and am loving it and the health benefits. I am going to try the "green tea facial tomorrow am!". Thanks for the ideal!!! Yes, whoever develops the miracle cure for bags and circles...will be a millionaire! And, will sure have my business! But, for now, we must rely on our own little tricks, right! :) XOXO Nova!!!

ML Teo said...


Use 1 or 2 stiff egg whites and apply with a brush under your eyes. The skin will feel tighter and thus reduce the puffiness.

From cure puffy eyes

Unknown said...

@ML Teo-That sounds interesting. I assume you rinse it off and then apply eye cream?

Unknown said...

That is really so helpful tips and tricks to treat Dark Circles Under Eyes. I appreciate a lot your strategy which you have shared here and also so pleased to get this instruction. Hey dude I hope this will helps someone out there. Thanks for sharing.

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