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Friday, October 15, 2010

Dry Shampoos Review: Psssssst! and TRESemme Fresh Start

Where have dry shampoos been all my life? I love them! 

I usually wash my hair every/other day (depending on how much I exercise);but, know that it is more healthy for your hair to wash your hair *less* often. I hate that dirty "feel"; so, I am always wanting to wash my hair more than I know I should.

Using a dry shampoo is a great way to get "one more day" out of your hair wash. With dry shampoos I can go 3 days without washing my hair.

FYI: I have blond normal hair that is dry on the ends from highlighting. AND, the funny thing...I always seem to get hair-compliments on day-3 when my hair is the dirtiest and I have used a dry shampoo!!!

I have been using Psssssst! occasionally over the past couple years and realized, as I was completely using up my can the other morning, that I need to write a review!


I first heard about Psssssst! and dry shampoo in general years ago when reading a magazine article (can't remember what mag)about how Jessica Simpson's hair stylist, Ken Paves, uses Psssssst! in Jessica's hair to add volume at the crown, I figured it was worth a try! And, yes, it is a great volumizer! It is a "spray powder"...which is pretty much powder in aerosol form (with, I believe alcohol in the product), really it works in 3 ways...the powder absorbs excess oil, the alcohol "cleanses", and the scent masks any "odor" of dirty hair (yuck! I hate dirty-hair smell).

How to:

  • Shake can very well.
  • Hold can about 6 inches from scalp 
  • Spray into root areas. I like to apply to crown area and temples. 
  • Take fingers into root area where you sprayed, like a "rake" and massage the product into your hair. "Fluff" hair with your fingers. The product can says to use a brush/comb...but, I like just using my fingers. 
  • you will instantly see the volume. Since the product adds powder to your hair, it provides more "density" for volume.

FYI: Re: Your hair color:

  • Use carefully if you have dark hair! This product will leave a slight white residue in your hair. This can be helped by brushing out the product after application...and "raking" through your hair with your fingers.
  • On my blond hair the white cast is really not that noticeable. Actually, I think the white-cast helps disguise my roots when I am getting close to needing a touch up for my highlights. 

Overall...a big rave for Psssssst! It lets me go "one more day" without washing my hair (which is good for your hair)! It really does refresh your hair and make your hair look cleaner. The finish is somewhat "dulling" so, it is good to just focus on the root area where your hair might be more oily.

Pssssst! smells great, it adds volume, and for my highlighted hair the white cast disguises my roots! A total RAVE! You can find Psssssst at Walgreen's for about $6.

Oh, and I must mention that i absolutely love the 70's style retro-packaging. I believe that Psssssst! is the first dry shampoo invented.

Funny, the can states use for "between shampoos, on camping trips (love this, as I am a camper-yes, a beauty girl that camps), after sports, and when ill".

TRESeme Fresh Start:

Since I love Psssssst! so much, I ventured to see "what else was out there" as far as Dry Shampoos for comparison. I picked this up at Walgreens yesterday..and sale alert: it is currently on sale...2/$5.00, so I got a fantastic deal! The can says that it contains "mineral clay and citrus". I noticed on the back that it contains alcohol and, very similar in ingredients to the Psssssst!

So, inital impressions on TRESemme Fresh Start:

  • Works just like Psssssst!...actually, I see very little difference in the products. Just a different fragrance
  • Great deal at less than $3 on sale! 
  • Does leave a slight white/grey residue (similar to the Psssssst! residue), but I didn't find that to be overly noticeable in my blond hair. But, I could see how this would be a problem with darker hair. 
  • The Tresseme comes in 2 verions: I purchased the spray version for Oily/straight to normal hair. The other version is a mousse for curly hair. It just seems to me that the spray version would be easier to work with as you wont be "wetting" your hair with mousse. 

Which brand do I like better...honestly, its a toss-up! They both work the same on my hair. So, just a matter of preference for the scent. I like the Psssssst! scent slightly better; but, will likely just purchase whichever one is on sale.

Side note: Both cans state that the products are highly flammable (so, dont know about using it while near a campfire!!!) and to use in a ventilated area. Also, the products do contain quite a few chemicals (and I am certainly not a chemistry expert or anything) so probably best for occasional use.

Hope you beauties have a fabulous weekend!


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I've heard of these but knew nothing about them. Must give it a try!

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