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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ecotools Brushes: Environmentally friendly, economical, good quality, and affordable! Total Rave!

Hello my lovely beauty-readers!

Here I am with another product "total rave" review! I am so impressed with Ecotools makeup brushes. Seriously, they are the *softest* brushes that I have ever felt, they are inexpensive, and they just feel so good on your skin! You are going to *want* to reach for these brushes!!!

The line tags itself as "Earth-Friendly Beauty". The products are made from sustainable and recycled materials, are cruelty-free, and come with reusable packaging. The brushes are made of bamboo and are very lightweight & have an attractive design. The more I learn and read about earth-friendly product lines...the more I want to support them! I mean, who doesn't want to be environmentally conscious and a friend to the earth! So, if a product is good quality *and* environmentally friendly, then Kudos!:)

My first introduction to the line was this summer. I was doing a lot of traveling and figured it was time to get some travel-friendly/smaller brushes...instead of schlepping around my huge brushes. I stumbled upon Ecotools travel Mineral Brush set at Ulta...

Here is the "low-down" on Mineral Brush set:

  • It comes with a travel pouch (which was actually way too small to fit the brushes that it came with? So, that did not make sense to me...but the hemp pouch is super would work for holding a kabuki maybe), a mini kabuki, a mini powder brush, a tapered shadow brush, and a concealer brush
  • These brushes are so incredibly soft!!! I mean, for real, you must feel to believe. None of my other brands of brushes even come close to this softness. 
  • These brushes do not shed hairs. At all. Seriously, I have not even seen even 1 single hair stray from these brushes after repeated use and washings. That is impressive! 
  • The brushes are small (which is expected, I mean, this is a travel kit). 
  • The mini powder brush is much smaller than my "normal" powder blush; so, I used it as a travel blush brush instead, works great for that!.
  • The mini kabuki is great. For travel, I use it for bronzer. Otherwise, I use it for my blushes and bronzers that come in smaller pans or for travel. Also, great for picking up a single color from some products that have many colors in one pan (does that make sense? Like my Essence Mosaic powder)
  • The concealer brush from this travel set has become my go-to brush that I use every day. It is so soft plus it is tapered; so, it applies the concealer very well to all the nooks and crannies around my eyes. The eye area is an area where you really do want a gentle brush. 
  • I use the fluffy shadow brush to apply my setting powder for my under eye area on a daily basis. I use BeneFit Powderflage powder for this (see previous review). 
  • So, while I bought this set for travel...the brushes are so good, that many have become daily-use brushes for me! Highly recommend this great set!

Retractable Kabuki:

I just recently purchased the ecotools retractable kabuki brush (from Ulta, with a $5 off coupon, score!) to keep in my purse for powder touch ups. I am loving it so far! This will for sure become my travel kabuki as well. It retracts into a recycled aluminum case. It is dense and fluffy. So, it is perfect for applying powder. It is so good, that I might use it to apply powder every day (and not just keep it in my purse for touch-ups). It is so incredibly soft and blends powder very well onto your skin. Gives a flawless finish!

Love these brushes! Recommend highly! And, can't wait to try more brushes from this line. They are so soft that you will find yourself reaching for them just because you love the feel of the brushes on your skin! :) You can find ecotools online, at Ulta, Target, and at Walgreen's. Ulta seems to carry the whole line, while my Walgreen's  and Target had a limited selection. The next brush I want to try by them is the bamboo bronzer brush. It looks fabulous!

Hope you enjoyed reading! Would love to hear about brushes you like in general or from the Ecotools line. :)



a said...

Did the retracable kabuki shed? Ive always wanted eco tools, but i always forget to buy them!

Unknown said...

Hi MakeupSparkle! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! And, no, the retractable Kabuki does not shed! I have probably washed it about 3 times since this post...and no shedding at all. Totally love it!!!! Thanks for your comment!

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