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Monday, October 18, 2010

BeneFit Eye Bright "instant eye brightener" pencil: Total Rave!

Hello lovely readers. Here I am with the next installment in my BeneFit "reviewathon"...BeneFit's Eye Bright pencil.

I love, love, love this pencil! The Eye Bright pencil creamy super light matte pink (with a very *slight* purplish cast)fat eye pencil. This pencil is designed to "brighten" your eyes. BeneFit's website states that it "is like a coffee break in a stick"...and, for real ya'll, this helps you look instantly more awake! And, with how early I wake up...boy, do I need all the help I can get!

The how-to:

After your eye makeup is applied, finish off your look by swiping this in a "v" shape in your inner eye corners. You can also apply along your waterline or under your outer lashes as well. I usually just do the inner corners with this pencil.

I always keep one in my purse for touch-ups and one at home in my makeup collection. Even my husband notices when I use this product (to quote him "I like what you did to your eyes").

So, a total rave! BeneFit really seems have a product-line focus for brightening the eye area (lemon aid, ooh-la-lift, just to name a few). I have not tried them all; but, I hope to try some more.

The Eye Bright pencil is such a unique stand-out product. I really have found no drugstore or high-end (HE) dupes for this (if you know some, please post them in the comments below). So, for now, I will never be without this product!!! I have purchased this many times over.

Hope you enjoyed reading this review! Have a good day!!! :)

Coming soon:
-BeneFit Ooh-la-lift review
-Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion review


Imogen said...

Cute blog!
I have been tossing up if I should get this or not for ages now, I think you may have convinced me :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Imogen!!! :) Yes, eye bright is a keeper!

❀Dena❀ said...

I have been wanting to try this, along with Powderflage. I think you have just convinced me :) Thanks for the review!

Unknown said...

You are welcome! Thanks for reading!!! :)

blushingpossum said...

Great review! I have just wrote a review for this product just now. I love this gorgeous pencil. It's a total must-have!

Unknown said...

@blushingpossum-Thanks!!! Totally agreed, love this pencil!

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