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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Essence Mini-haul and review

Hello there lovely readers!

Just another quick haul/review of some more essence products that I was able to pick up a few weeks ago during a massive essence sale at Ulta. I mean, essence is inexpensive to begin with...but, at 50% off...ridiculously cheap prices! I got the blush brush for $1.25, the Bronzing Pearls for $1.49, and the Multi-action mascara for $1.75. What bargains! :)

Multi-Action Mascara 

I can't believe that I love a $1.75 ($3.50 full price) mascara!!! We all know that mascaras need to be tossed very frequently. So, my theory has always been "why pay more for pricey High End mascaras like Lancome and MAC" when you need to toss it anyway in a couple months. So, generally, I stick to Cover Girl (lash blast fusion: review to come very is my HG: Holy  Grail), L'Oreal Voluminous, and Maybelline mascaras. But, still those mascaras are at least double the price of essence multi-action at full-price. 

The low-down on essence multi-action mascara:
  • Very dark, carbon-black like color 
  • Good "basic" mascara for the price
  • Doesn't smudge under eyes (a HUGE plus, I find MANY mascaras do this on me, but not this one!)
  • Lashes retain curl pretty well with this mascara
  • has mild lash "thickening" benefits 
  • this is not a "drama" eye, no massively major thickening or anything
  • applies without clumping 
  • good formula, not too "wet" nor too "dry"
  • You guys know how much I *heart* Essence cosmetics...well, this mascara does not fail to disappoint for a basic no-frills "everyday" mascara!

Blush Brush

Blush Brush:

This brush is so cute!!! And a total steal for the price! The bristles are incredibly soft. I mean *almost* comparable to the softness of ecotools brushes. I am not sure if essence makes any other brushes besides this one; but, this was the only one on the display at Ulta. It comes in a little plastic reusable pouch. I find that this is a perfect brush to toss in your purse (in the little pouch) for touch-ups because of its small size. The bristles are very fluffy and apply powder very well. The size is really perfect for blush application and I find that I am reaching for this more than my usual bare essentials blush brush. I also find the handle style to be comfortable and sleek. I have washed this with *no shedding*, a high quality very soft brush for a steal of a price! Totally recommend this!!! An excellent addition to a travel brush set! 

Bronzing Pearls

Bronzing Pearls:

I am loving these too. This is actually my first experience with a "pearls" style product. The case comes with a little plastic tray that you can keep over the pears to help them stay lined up in place. I just dust my bronzer brush lightly over the pearls...and apply as I would usually do a bronzer. It gives a nice glow. This is a lightly pigmented product with a pearly-sheen (hense the name)...not glittery. I like the subtle effect of this bronzer. 

Hope you all enjoyed this review! Thanks for reading!!! :) 

Coming Soon:
-Cover Girl Lash Blast Review
-Redken All Soft Line Review


ShreddingIt said...

Im actually going to do a ulta order online tonight im glad emily posted this on my fb feed!! thanks for reviews!

Unknown said...

I use the same blush brush every day and I love it!

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting my blog ladies! Have fun shopping at Ulta MissNazal and Maya, yes, the brush is great!

a said...

The Pearls are sooo cool! How do you use them???

Unknown said...

Hi Makeup Sparkle! Yes, the pearls are very cool! I use them as a bronzer/highlight (just to add some color and subtle shimmer to the outer "3" area of my face). I just dust over them with a large/dense kabuki (I use Sephora's bronzer brush for this purpose)...and dust on my face! :)

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