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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Makeup Lesson: Winged Liner

Here are my tips and how-tos for getting this dramatic liner look (shown here on Lauren Conrad): 

  • Apply desired shadow to a eyelid. I think that light colors/or subtle shadows look best paired with dramatic liner(like a sheer wash of a shimmery champagne color across the lid). 
  • Use a gel or liquid liner (in black or brown-I usually go for brown as I am blonde/fair). Gel is easier to work with as it takes longer to dry and you can blend it and fix mistakes easier. Liquid dries extremely fast but gives you such deep color. Both with wear all day/evening without smudging. 
  • Hold liner brush (for gel) or wand (liquid) horizontally.
  • Make "dots" (or really dash-lines) along base of lashes on lid. 
  • Connect the dots/dashes while holding the brush or wand horizontally.Fill in with sideways strokes. Try not to tug on your eyelid (many people stretch out their lid to apply the liner, but you can apply without doing this. Be gentle on your eyes!).
  • Go over the line with product at least 2 times to darken and thicken the line
  • The liner will look best if it is slightly thicker in the middle and then tapers out on the ends
  • Make a light dot outside the corner of your eye. This is where you want your wing tip to end. Connect your lined lid (with your liner) to the dot. That is your wing! You might want to experiment with where you put your dot to get the best angle for your wing (and this will depend on your eye shape). 
  • Finish your eyes off by curling your lashes and applying mascara. 
  • Ta-da! That's it! You have dramatic winged eyes! Very classic and glamorous!
  • I love this look paired with a natural pinky-peach blush and a bold pink (or red, if you dare! Vavoom!) lip.  

My Product Pics for Gel and Liquid Liners

Gel: (you will need to apply these with a liner brush, see my picks below):


Liner Brushes (the ones I use for gel liners):

Hope these tips helped!!!

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