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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Girls-Night-In: with the Vampire Diaries

The CW's Vampire Diaries is giving me a whole new excuse to look forward to Thursday nights!!! My girlfriends and I seem to have set up a trend of getting together (rotating houses) for good tv nights. This summer it was TrueBlood at Kelly's...and now that Fall tv has started, it is Thursday night with Vampire Diaries. Yes, my husband will occasionally walk through the room with an eye-roll towards the tv and will mumble something like "is this another one of those shows where all the actors look like Abercrombie models?"...and the answer would be, um, yes! I mean, lets face it, the male cast is *ridiculous* (in a good way!).

Just a fun excuse to get together and giggle/swoon over some cute vamps on TV. Yes, we are definitely bringing the maturity level down to middle school...but, we don't care. We love it!!! Its fun and silly...and after a hard week of work/ stress relieving! Plus, throw it a bottle of wine, and we are golden!

Just being silly...FYI: I am team Stephan

Jamie's team Damon

Kara and Kelly are not converted fans yet (we will turn them!), but I will post a team Eric (TrueBlood) photo for Kelly (and, well, for me too!)

What team are you??? :) LOL! :)

Here's to girls nights!
Me, Jamie, and Kelly
Love you, mean it!!!

P.S. In honor of the vampy theme here...Picked up Revlon's new "Just Bitten" (love the name!) lipstain in Frenzy...that review will be coming soon!

P.P.S. Who else loves Elena's Vervain Locket? Me? Love it, mean it!


Anonymous said...

Emily! I LOOVE Vampire Diaries!! My one friend and I always meet in each other's dorms to have a girls' Thursday night tv fest!!

:) It's getting really good! Glad to know you watch it too :D !

Unknown said...

I know! Its so much more fun to watch with your girlfriends (giggle-fest)! And, I agree! Its been getting really good! Love Caroline this season! Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

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