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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This is how I want to get my hair cut...should I do it?

Okay, so, I am thinking of cutting my uber-long hair...This is the style I am thinking of. But, I would need to grow out my bangs first, etc, etc...But, what a cute style! I actually had my hair cut pretty similar to this about 10 yrs ago (shorter in back and angles down to below shoulder length in front)...I don't know...just thought I would post it! Very chic! And, PS. Love her on"Mad Men"


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Hi Pammy-

You asked about xanthan gum. Its actually in lots of foods like salad dressings and such. But in GF baking it is almost always used as it adds the desired stickiness to doughs that is hard to come by when you omit wheat glutens. It just helps things react more like gluten-full products. It's sold in the same shelf as all the GF/organic products and you only use a small amount. Hope that helps. I just started down the GF road so I am learning as I go... You could certainly make them with regular flour instead of all the crazy flours and the xanthan gum listed.


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh and yes, totally cut your hair! It is easy to re-style and it grows back. But that's such a cute length- still pretty long so you can put it in a pony tail.

Unknown said...

Ah-ha! GF-cooking. Very interesting. I may modify that recipe with reg flour as I dont have those ingredients, but just cant resist cinnamon! Thanks for the encouragement on the cut...It always takes me awhile to get the nerve up for a major change. I am thinking step one is growning the bangs out and gradually chopping off the length! :)

Michelle said...

I think that you would rock that hair style, but you can rock any style. I LOVE IT, so much. I really am starting to like shorter do's, they are so easy and it isn't that short. It will grow back!! I would do it!! Also, you could add lighter highlights??? Miss you girl, love the blog.

Unknown said...

Thanks Michelle!!! True, it could always grow back...and you are always switching up your hairstyles. Funny, I was thinking "blonder" too! XOXO!!! Miss ya too girl! Lets hang *soon*!!!!

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