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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Asian Skincare line Hanhoo available at Walmart!

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Asian Skincare line Hanhoo available at Walmart!

Anyone else into Asian skincare lately? The Asian skincare beauty trend continues in the US. The good news? There are some cute and affordable options from Asian brand Hanhoo that is now available at Walmart! 

Hanhoo is on a mission to deliver the feeling of confidence that accompanies healthy, beautiful skin to everyone around the world. With over ten years of experience in the skincare industry across Asia and beyond, Hanhoo uses safe ingredients and a modern approach to make taking care of your skin easy so you can get back to the things you’d really rather be doing - with clear skin.

Hanhoo products are available exclusively at Walmart. Products contain ingredients like Watermelon active ingredients and Vitamin C. From makeup wipes to collagen supplements, pimple patches, and more! These products are affordable, cutely packaged, and a pleasure to use. Most recent launches in April were the Bubble Up Peeling Pad, Argan Oil Makeup Removing Wipes and Beauty Fix Collagen + Vitamin C supplement.

I got to try out a few items from Hanhoo. Here is the scoop:

Hanhoo | Watermelon Illuminator Overnight Serum:
This is a hydrating formula that contains ingredients like watermelon (contains vitamins A, C, and B to brighten), apple extract, sodium nyaluronate, and nicinamide (fights enlarged pores, fine lines, and more!). It works overnight as you sleep so that you can wake up with refreshed skin that is luminous and dewy! Retails for $24.00

Hanhoo | Watermelon Daytime Facial Oil:
Packed with ingredients like watermelon and grapefruit, this will leave your skin nourished and glowing! In addition to watermelon, this one contains sodium hyaluronate which is able to hold water to your skin to allow it to retain moisture. I personally love layering a facial oil during my skincare routine and this one is nice! Retails for $16.00

Hanhoo | Bubble Up Peeling Pad with Collagen: 
What a cute product! This is made to cleanse and exfoliate your skin byr emoving dirt, oil, and makeup while exfoliating dead skin cells. These are dual sided pads formulated with colagen and enzyme powder to brighten skin and give it a smooth and glowing appearance. Collagen is an important protein in our skin that works to fill in fine lines and wrinkles. Enzyme Powder is known for brightening and smoothing and is great for acne prone skin. These retail for $4.00 for a package of 5 pads. I like to use these 1x a week for an exfoliating treat for my skin. 

Hanhoo | Beauty Fix Collagen + Vitamin C Supplement:
I am all about taking suppliments and am just starting to experiment with Collagen supplimentation. I like this one as it has Collagen plus Vit C and Biotin. All of these ingredients are essentials for great skin! These are easy to use. Just pour the package right into your mouth. These retail for $3.00 for 3 packages. 

If you are looking to experiment with the Asian skincare beauty trend, be sure to check out these cute and affordable Hanhoo products at Walmart or also on Amazon! :) 

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Unknown said...

They win in the packaging department every single time! I love their watermelon illuminator!

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