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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

New from GuruNanda: Essential Oil Body & Room Sprays

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New from GuruNanda: 
Essential Oil Body & Room Sprays

Ya'll know how much I love my essential oils, right? Well, I always get excited for new Essential Oil releases from my go-to oil brands. So, I am super excited that I get to try out these Body & Room Sprays from GuruNanda. I am allergic to artificial air fresheners. So, I rely on diffusing essential oils for most of my home fragrance. Sometimes I make room sprays with my essential oils, too. However, sometimes I am just lazy, lol, and don't have time (or am too slack) to mix up a fragrance. So, I really like it when brands have pre-made sprays like these. So, I can just spray these in the room or even spray them on myself since they are safely diluted for body application, too. 

I really love these sprays! I keep the peppermint one in my downstairs bathroom for freshness and keep the lavendar one by my bed as I like it for a pillow spray before sleep because lavendar is so calming for bedtime. Want to hear more? Here is the scoop from GuruNanda on these awesome new sprays:

Guru Nanda Lavender Body & Room Spray and Peppermint Body & Room Spray:

Lavender Body & Room Spray and Peppermint Body & Room Spray in handy, go-everywhere two ounce bottles. They are the perfect pick-me-up for hot summer days. Convenient stand-ins for an essential oil diffuser, they can be used for multiple purposes – as a natural, cooling body spray, on pillows and sheets, or in the car. These sprays feature 100% pure and natural essential oils and ionized water in a natural citric acid base. Also free of the nasty toxins and chemicals! They are cruelty-free, travel-friendly and are ideal to use to energize or stress relieve the body and mind. These sprays retail for $5.94 at Walmart stores nationwide and 

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Can you tell how long the fragrance lasts when sprayed in the room?

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