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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Home and Personal Diffusers from GuruNanda!

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Home and Personal Diffusers from GuruNanda:
As many of you know, I absolutely love using Essential Oils. One of my favorite ways to use them, is diffusion. Releasing Essential Oils into the air is a great way to harnass the benefits of the oils and a fantastic way to scent your home. 

GuruNanda has a wide range of home diffusers and also has a unique ultrasonic personal diffuser, too. I had an opportunity to try some diffusers out from GuruNanda and I absolutely love them. So, I wanted to share the details with you today! 

OMG, this diffuser is gorgeous! I like using ceramic or glass diffusers on the main level of my house as they are just so much more attractive than plastic. There is no question that this diffuser is a beautiful addition to my home decor. It features a gorgeous white ceramic base, a real wood grain cover, and soothing LED lights. Plus, it has a variety of settings. You can have it run with continuous mist or intermittant. Also, you can adjust the light settings. I personally like the setting with continuous mist and the lights transitioning from color to color. The water tank is on the larger side (holds 230 ml of water) which allows you to diffuse for longer periods of time without changing oils. Plus, it gives a serious stream of mist which really throws the scent of my essential oils throughout my entire downstairs. This is a feat as I have an open concept downstairs with a 2-story family room and also other vaulted ceilings in my entryway and keeping room. I absolutely love this diffuser and it is my new favorite one for sure! 

This Bolero Diffuser is currently $59.99 (on sale from $99.00) on the GuruNanda site. 

This is my first time ever using an Ultrasonic Personal Diffuser. So, I do not have any other experience to comare it to. The Misti is so cute! I love the Rose Gold finish and the cute little heart-shaped jewel. 

This Misti Ultrasonic Personal Diffuser is chargable via a USB cable. So, you can just charge up your Misti and then take it with you to experinece your essential oils via diffusion whereever you go! I think that this Misti is pefect for taking to work or for your car or even for taking on vacation. This Misti gives you one minute of continuous mist before automatically shutting off. 

The package includes the Misti, Rose Water, and the charging cable. 

The Misti Ultrasonic Personal Diffuser is currently on sale for $14.99 on the GuruNanda site (on sale from $24.99. 

So many great diffusers to choose from on the GuruNanda site. I know I am eyeing the Cosmos one next! Besides diffusers, GuruNanda offers a wide selection of essential oils to choose from from single oils to some fantastic blends as well. Overall, I am extremely impressed with GuruNanda! 

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