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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Fresh Spring Skincare from Erborian Korean Skin Therapy

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Fresh Spring Skincare from Erborian Korean Skin Therapy:

Every season, I like to update my skincare and explore new products. lol, I know, I know, I am a beauty blogger and I am constantly exploring! However, I do tend to stick to some tried-and-true products. Also, I do vary my skincare seasonally. My skin's needs change and shift with the warmer months. I tend to wear less makeup overall. Also, I tend to look for lightweight products and products to help mattify my skin to help combat the effects of the rising humidity. 

I am super excited about some recent additions to my skincare routine from Erborian. Some are products I have previously tried and love (just added back into the rotation) and some are new-to-me! 

This is a product that I already know and love! I am just coming back to it. I am such a fan of using cleansing waters to remove my makeup. In the Fall and Winter, I tend to go for an oil cleanse to remove my makeup for added hydration and for removal of heavier makeup looks. However, in the Summer I go much lighter with my makeup and do not need as heavy-duty of a removal process. 

So, since in the Spring and Summer, I go even lighter than ever with my makeup, I find that I only need a few swipes of a cleansing water to remove my makeup before cleansing my skin with a traditional cleanser. This Cleansing Water by Erborian is fantastic! It is a 3-in-1 Micellar Water which refreshes your skin, removes makeup, and provides a light cleansing. For some, this might be the only cleansing you need. However, for me, I always like to follow it up with a tranditional cleanse because Micellar waters, in general-for me, can cause some slight irritation to my eye area if I allow the residue to remain on my skin. If you wear heavier makup, this micellar water might not have enough oomph to remove your makeup. However, if you just wear light weight makeup like me, this will be all you need! This product is a total winner for me! 

One of my biggest struggles with the change of season is oily skin! My skin is generally speaking combo skin. I get a few dry patches here-and-there from Retin-A use. However, in the warmer months, I do tend to get much more oily in the t-zone. This presents a problem when I am wearing any makeup. It looks oily within a few hours. A mattifying primer underneath is a must for when I am wearing makeup that I want to last!

This mattifying primer from Erborian is a great option. It is unique in that it is both moisturizing and mattifying at the same time. That is a feat! It is packed with good skincare ingredients, too. So, you can feel good about applying it to your skin.

I like to use this product just on my t-zone area as that is where I tend to get more oily and where my makeup does not last as long. There is no question, this product extends the wear of my makeup for a few hours. I am super pleased with this primer and totally recommend it! 

Erborian | Touch Pen:
This is a unique product. It gives light to medium (buildable) coverage. It has a light luminosity to it. I find the formula to be long wearing and resistant to creases and settling into fine lines. This makes it great for the eye area. Now, I do have very dark under eye circles. So, this product does not cover them completely. Only a very high coverage concealer will do that for me. However, I do not always want to wear something heavy. I go very light with my makeup in the summers and will sacrifice complete coverage for my under eye circles for something with a lighter and brighter feel like this product. Plus, this product is packed with good skin-loving anti-aging and depuffing ingredients. So, you are really applying good ingredients to your eye area when you wear this. The fair color is not a perfect match to my skin. However, once I blend it, it looks fine. I do wish that it was available in more than 2 shades though. If I want heavier coverage, I can use the Erborian Touch Pen all over my eye area and then go in with something higher coverage just in my very dark circle areas. So, when I layer it, it works best for me coverage-wise. 

Overall, these are all winners for me from Erborian! What do you like from this line? I would love to hear your recs and explore Erborian further.

As always, thanks for reading!

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