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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

NEW Miss Spa Masks Launch at Target!

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Don't you just love shopping at Target? I know that I do! ;) Well, now we have just one more excuse to hit Target...SIX new Miss Spa masks are coming to Target in Feb!

The NEW Miss Spa Masks include:
  • Matcha Green Tea Mud Mask 
  • Exfoliating Foot Treatment
  • Vitamin C Peel-Off Mask
  • Hydrate + Boost Hydrogel Lip Mask
  • Boost + Glow Hydrogel Facial Mask 
  • Extract Pore Strips
Collagen, Matcha Green Tea and Vitamin C are some of the most effective and sought-after skin care ingredients. And now, they’re all coming to Target at a fraction of the price. Miss Spa is committed to making high-quality, effective skin care products accessible to all women.

Here is the scoop on each mask from Miss Spa:


Matcha Green Tea Detoxifying Mud Mask:
With Matcha Green Tea and Kiwi Fruit Extract, this mud mask clears pore-clogging buildup and reduces the appearance of breakouts. The resealable pouch packaging allows you do spot treatments or a full-face mask, without the mess.

Vitamin C Peel Off Mask:
Powered by Vitamin C and Citrus Botanicals, this peel-off mask deep cleans and removes impurities to brighten dull skin. With multi-use, resealable pouch packaging, throw the masks in your weekend or gym bag to mask whenever or wherever you want!

Boost + Glow Hydrogel Facial Mask:
Infused with skin-building peptides and collagen, this hydrogel mask plumps skin with much needed hydration for fresher, brighter skin.

Exfoliating Foot Treatment:
A pedicure at home! Glycolic Acid and soothing plant extracts work together to slough away dead skin cells and calluses to reveal smoother, softer skin.

Hydrate + Boost Hydrogel Lip Mask:
Using Caviar Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate, this mask gives your lips a boost of moisture to plump your pout and soften fine lines.

Extract Pore Strips:
Blackheads have nowhere to hide! Charcoal draws out impurities and removes blackheads with strips for your nose, chin and forehead. 

So many fun masks for your Spa-nights at home! :) I had so much fun trying these out. I do have some favorites, too! The Matcha Green Tea Detoxifying Mud Mask is a great choice if you are feeling the need for a deep pore cleanse. I really enjoy using mud masks and this is a new favorite. The Boost + Glow Hydrogel Facial Mask is soothing and plumping to use. I feel that I need this type of mask this time of year when my skin feels more dry and dull. The Exfoliating Foot Treatment is a perfect extra step to make your home pedicure feel like a spa experience! It leaves my feet feeling so smooth!

Be sure to check these out these NEW Miss Spa Masks at Target!

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