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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Have a K-Beauty Spa Night: Vitabrid Dual Mask

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Have a K-Beauty Spa Night! 

Have you jumped on the K-beauty trend? K-beauty, or Korean skincare has certainly gained Western popularity in recent years. Korea's skincare and health ideals of fair skin and healthy living and hydration align with good skin outcomes. So, it certainly is a benefit to anyone's skincare routine to add in some K-beauty products. I have certainly added some in to my routine and really love the overall boost that they give to my complexion. From serums, to sheet mask, to BB Creams, I am sure if you search around you will find a K-beauty item to fit right into your beauty routine. 

Vitabrid is a K-beauty brand that I already know and love because of their Vit C products. Right around the holidays, I started experiementing with their Dual Sheet Masks (from their Dual Sheet Mask Box Set). I absolutely love this mask!!! It instantly soothes, brightens, and plumps your skin and gives you a fantastic glow. Plus, it works without irritating my sensitive skin. Really, this mask is fabulous! If you have a special night coming up, this is the mask you are going to want to do to prep your skin. 

How to use:
Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and then pat dry. Apply sheet mask to your face and relax (I like to lay down) for about 15-20 minutes. After the time is up, remove the sheet mask. Lightly smooth remaining serum leftover from the mask onto your skin. This mask is generously soaked in serum, so be sure to not let that awesome serum go to waste. So, massage the rest into your skin. You will see and feel immediate plumping and soothing effects!

Here is the scoop on the Mask from Vitabrid:
The Vitabrid Dual Sheet Mask Box set contains 5 masks. Each micro-sheet mask contains a synergistic hybrid composition of Vitamin C & Peptides, creating an age-defying and firming formula that promotes the feel of increased collagen, replaces skin's moisture, and improves the overall look of your complexion. This K-Beauty anti-aging mask contains a new anti-aging solution, PEPTIBRID™ and VITABRID®, to provide a concentrated supply of nutrition (active, stabilized Vitamin C and peptides) and elasticity to tired, distressed skin.

Using a hypoallergenic micro-sheet, this soft, non-stimulating microfiber sheet perfectly adheres to the skin and enhances the absorption of the active ingredients by enriching the essence between the extremely fine microfibers. Skin is left feeling softer, smoother, and more hydrated.

What is the Dual Line?

As a new anti-aging solution with PEPTIBRID™ and VITABRID®, they are unique ingredients that have been completed with the world-recognized DDS (Drug Delivery System) technology. Vitamin C and Peptides have been perfected with the unique biotechnological power of Vitabrid to deliver it deeply and more effectively.

PEPTIBRID™: An evolved peptide delivery platform. PEPTIBRID (ICID name: Peptibrid), which improves the purity and penetration rate of peptides by improving the limits of 'Peptides', increases collagen synthesis and regeneration efficiency.

VITABRID®: Advanced biomaterials that overcome the limitations of vitamin C, which is easily oxidized, water-soluble and difficult to transfer into the skin. Vitamin C penetrates deeper into the skin in an activated state, allowing it to act for more than 12 hours. (ICID entry name: Vitabrid CG)

Features and Benefits of the Dual Line:

  • Effective Skin Delivery: PEPTIBRID™ and VITABRID®, which are key ingredients, safely transfer deep into the skin while maintaining the active properties of peptides and vitamin C, enhancing skin regeneration, elasticity, moisturizing, soothing and whitening effects.
  • Boosting Effect: PEPTIBRID™ and VITABRID® give powerful boosting to maximize the effectiveness of other active ingredients.
  • Deep Hydration & Moisture Retention: Provides deep moisture to the skin and maintains a healthy moisture balance.
  • For Sensitive Skin: It is composed of only safe ingredients, so it can also be used for sensitive skin.

Price $35 for a 5-pack, available at Barney's New York

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