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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Perk Up Your Tired Eyes: Masque BAR Hydro Gel Eye Mask

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Perk Up Your Tired Eyes: 

Ya'll know that I struggle with my under eye area. I have terrible dark under eye circles. Plus, my eyes are prone to irritation. So, I am always looking for products to perk up my eyes to make the area look and feel better. I know that there is no miracle cure for hereditary dark under eye circles. However, I can still make my eye area look its best by being hydrated and feeling comfortable! 

I am excited to try the NEW Masque Bar Hydro Gel Eye Dark Spot Eye Patches. This is a 30-day supply or more depending on how often you use these! 30 pair come in the jar. So, this jar can last much longer depending on how often you treat yourself to these soothing masks. These hydrating eye masques can leave you looking and feeling refreshed with skin that is smoother and plumper!

I like to use these as needed (a few times a week) to de-puff my under-eye area and to soothe the skin while diminishing fine lines and dark circles. The eye masks contain a lightweight serum which infuses key ingredients into the delicate eye area without irradiation for under-eye skin. 

Key Ingredients:
  • Gold: promotes anti-inflammatory and light-reflecting properties
  • Adenosine: effectively works to firm and smooth
  • Snail Extract: boosts and strengthens collagen with moisturizing powerhouses, hyaluronic acid and peptide
Overall, I really love using these Masque BAR Hydro Gel Eye Masks! They prompt me to relax and take care of my body/mind and skin. I feel that they do offer a nice hydration boost and perk up my eye area quite a bit. If you are looking for a nice little treat for your tired eyes, be sure to check these out!

Available for $29.99

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