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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Gorgeous New Fragrance from Proenza Schouler: Arizona

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Gorgeous New Fragrance: 

I am so excited to share about this new for 2018 fragrance from Proenza Schouler. Meet Arizona!  Inspired by nature, this unique floral scent will certainly capture you! I was instantly captivated by this desert-inspired scent. 

Thinking of Arizona evokes images of the great outdoors. A world with adventure, nature, and sunshine. This vision is the perfect backdrop for the strong, smart, and sophisticated Proenza Schouler women who is all of these things but also is beautifully natural and somewhat undone. 

Here is the scoop from Proenza Schouler:

Arizona is a radiant and blooming floral scent, with a unique mineral signature.

The two notes that are at the very heart of the fragrance are creamy orris and white cactus flower. The white cactus flower is the rarest of desert flowers and it only blooms about once a year. It has never been captured in a perfume before! New technologies allow it to be captured without harming nature. Orris has a long history in perfumes which dates back to the 16th century. So, this Arizona scent is unique in that it captures both the old and the new and melds them together into a beautiful masterpiece. 

The heart notes are the white cactus flower combined with jasmine absolute, orange flower absolute and a solar accord. The orris cream is added to music and cashmere for a textured creamy woody veil.

I really enjoy this earthy floral scent. It is floral and feminine but also slightly sweet while still being light. There is a freshness to this scent that makes it nice even in the warmer weather (and we sure get a lot of that weather here in the South!). It is not at all overpowering. I like it primarily for a daytime scent. However, I can see this being worn through the evening as well. 

Something about the bottle and packaging does remind me of Arizona and the desert. The box is like a desert horizon and the bottle is almost a bit shaped like the state of Arizona itself. Apparently, the bottle design was inspired by the ravines and ridges that define the horizon of the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. I can totally see this when I look at the beautiful bottle. 

I really enjoy wearing this beautiful scent from Proenza Schouler! Arizona is unique and memorable. Be sure to check this one out!

As always, thanks for reading! 

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