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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Clear Skin Staples: Introducing C & C by Clean & Clear

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Clear Skin Staples: Introducing C & C by Clean & Clear
Have you seen these new C & C products from Clean & Clear? This ingredient-focused line is my husband's new choice for skincare! The black packaging and straightforward packaging really appealed to him. Plus, he tends to reach for items designed to keep his pores clear.

How do you pick out skincare? Do you tend to go for key ingredients? I know that I do that a lot of the time. This line has some standout products with each one focusing on a key ingredient.

Focus on: Mint
C&C by Clean & Clear Chill Out Cooling Mint Pore Cleanser - This oil-free, minty face wash delivers a cooling effect while cleansing deep into pores. This one was a hit for my husband. He always gravitates towards minty cleansers. So, he really loves this and enjoys the clean feel.

Focus on: Lavender
C&C by Clean & Clear Total Zen Calming Lavender Mousse Cleanser - Specially formulated for sensitive skin, this oil-free foaming mousse face wash calms your senses with lavender, while it cleanses dirt and oil. I really enjoy lavender in the evening (I frequently diffuse it at night when I am sleeping). I did find this cleanser to be a little bit drying. However, I am using prescription Retin-A which makes my skin more prone to dryness and irritation.

Focus on: Eucalyptus
C&C by Clean & Clear Muscle Bar Charcoal Cleansing Bar - Packed with impurity-busting charcoal and a delicious eucalyptus scent, this oil-free bar soap breaks up dirt and gently washes away impurities from your face and body.

Focus on: Coffee
C&C by Clean & Clear Black Out Blackhead Clearing Coffee Scrub - This oil-free, coffee-scented blackhead scrub gently exfoliates and cleanses deep into pores. Salicylic acid also helps combat active breakouts and fights to prevent future acne.

Focus on: Peppermint 
C&C by Clean & Clear Tough Love Acne Clearing Peppermint Toner - This oil-free, peppermint face toner fights acne and cleans pores for a deep clean. Salicylic acid and glycerin helps clear whiteheads and blackheads while working to prevent new ones. Here is another minty winner! While my husband is new to using toner, he is enjoying adding in this step. Plus, the combo of actives in this one really keeps pores clear.

Some of my other new and old favorites from Clean & Clear:

I just couldn't resist talking about a few of my other favorites from Clean & Clear! Their Persa-gel 10 has been a staple anti-acne product in my skincare arsenal for years. I literally use Benzol Peroxide daily in the mornings around my t-zone area. It is fantastic prevention in that breakout prone area. Clean & Clear has a varieity of salisylic acid based cleansers. This Acne Clear one is great for using in the mornings to get some salisylic acid treatment into your skincare routine. I try to do a spa night at least once a week with a facial mask. I tend to gear my treatment based on what my skin needs at the moment. The Night Relaxing Jelly Mask is so soothing and hydrating! If I am opting for more pore-clearing action, then I can reach for the Cleansing Clay Mask. Both are fantastic! 

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