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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Nourish and Reconstruct Damaged Hair with Nexxus Keraphix Line

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Do you have dry and damaged hair (like me?)? I seem to be constantly in the cycle of hair damage and hair repair. Trust me, I do everything that I can to keep my hair healthy. However, I do love my hair best when I am very blonde. Even though I am a "natural blonde" (wink), I am dark blonde. So, I rely on high lift highlights to keep my hair looking bright. 

To counteract the damaging effects of bleaching and highlighting, I rely on reconstructing hair products like the Nexxus Keraphix line. I am so impressed with this line of Nexxus products! They have really worked to nourish and reconstruct my highlight-damaged hair beautifully. 

The Nexxus Keraphix line is infused with Keratin protein and black rice which help to heal visible signs of severe hair damange. Nexxus uses a protein research process called Proteomics which reveals that Glutamic Acid is an amino acid lost in hair when it is damaged. Nexxus Keraphix is a way to replenish the lost nutrient. The result? Visible hair repair! 

I used all of the products in this line together for my testing phase. The result? I have achieved smoother, softer, and stronger hair. My hair looks and feels more healthy to the touch and breakage has been drastically reduced. I am very happy with my results and will keep Nexxus Keraphix products in heavy rotation in my hair care routine!

Here is the scoop on each product from Nexxus:

Protein-rich shampoo cleanses and penetrates hair fiber – starting the process of healing visible damage.
  • Infused with Keratin Protein and Black Rice

$12.99 (13.5 oz.)

Targets damaged areas of hair by enveloping the hair in both wet and dry stages – delivering a smooth, conditioned feel.
  • Smooths out imperfections, while bringing strength and leaving hair visibly healthier after one use

$17.99 (13.5 oz.)

A powerful protein infusion treatment brings the salon experience home and revives severely damaged hair.
  • Features Nexxus's highest level of proteins and a single-use dose contains an amount equivilent to that lost from extremely damaged hair over a period of one year
How to Use: Cleanse hair normally with Nexxus® Keraphix Damage Healing Shampoo. Apply Hair Reconstructing Treatment and leave on hair for up to 5 minutes. Shampoo again to rinse away excess treatment and follow with Nexxus® Keraphix Damage Healing Conditioner
or Nexxus® Keraphix Damage Healing Masque. Use once a week to help heal signs of damage

$14.99 (two 0.67 oz. treatments)

A deep conditioning treatment that envelopes the hair surface with an ultra-fine film to restore the protective barrier and leave hair more aligned, flexible and smooth.
  • Infused with humectant agents to moisturize deeply inside the hair, and Keratin Protein and Black Rice
$4.99 (1.5 oz. sachet)

Overall, I am very pleased with my results with the Nexxus Keraphix line! My hair looks and feels smoother and shinier. Plus, I have reduced breakage. My hair feels protected and nourished. Plus, I really enjoy the scent and think that the price is very good for a salon-quality professional hair care line product. 

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