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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Dove Clinical Protection: Strong Protection with a Gentle Formula

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Strong Protection with a Gentle Formula!

So, I have to give a shout out today to one of my new favorite deoderants: Dove Clinical Protection. 

I tend to vary widely with my deoderant selections and types of deoderants that I use. This tends to vary depending on what season, what type of day I have, and what my demands will be for deoderant on that particular day. If I don't have much going on, I might opt for a natural deoderant. However, if I am working out or have a stressful work day ahead, I want a stronger deoderant that will really work for me. 

In the past, clinical strength deoderants have been somewhat irritating to my skin. They work great for wetness and oder, but sometimes I get a rash if I use them too frequently. So, I was thrilled when I saw that Dove makes a clincial strength deoderant! I am already a fan of Dove's "regular" deoderants. So, I was super excited to give this a try. 

Dove is a brand that I have used and trusted for years. I really do trust that Dove is gentle and effective and moisturizing. So, I like the idea that Dove moisturizers are in this Clinical Strength Deoderant!

I tried out Dove Clinical Protection in the Cool Essentials scent. The cucumber/green tea scent is very fresh and clean and pleasant. The product is a cream and it pops up from holes in the applicator. I do find this to feel wet at first until the product dries down. You need to let the product dry before putting on your clothes. When I rush to get ready, the formula does get on your clothes (but that is because I am rushing). 

The verdict? I love it! Dove Clinical Protection is extremely effective for wetness and odor. It gives amazing and long lasting protection...even on those stressful days or that time of the month when I am more prone to wetness and odor. The bonus? Dove Clinical does not irritate my skin. If you are looking for a stronger anti-perspirant/deoderant that is still gentle on your skin, definately check out Dove Clinical Protection! 

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