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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Yu-Be's Cult Classic Moisturizing Cream is now available Fragrance-Free!

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Exciting news for fans of fragrance-free products...Yu-Be's cult-favorite Moisturizing Skin Cream now has a NEW Fragrance-free version: Introducing the NEW Yu-Be Advanced Formula Pure Hydration Cream Tube w/ Chamomile Extract.

I first tried Yu-Be's Moisturizing Skin Cream when I first started blogging years ago and totally loved it! I personally love using balms like this on my cuticles, feet, and any rough or irritated patches on my skin. I even love using it on my lips!

Over the years, and especially recently, I have developed a preferance for Fragrance-Free products. No, I haven't completely given up on Fragrance...However, if the same product is available in both Fragranced and Fragrance-Free options, I always go for the Fragrance-Free version. My skin is sensitive. So, I know that if I went 100% Fragrance-Free, my skin would thank me...and I might end up doing that eventually...but, I will admit that it is hard as a beauty-blogger when I love trying out all of the new products! With that said, if I could make just one request to all of my favorite brands out there, it would be to have all of their products available in Fragrance Free versions as well. 

So, when I found out that Yu-Be had a NEW Fragrance Free version of their cult classic cream, I just had to try it. Guess what? I am a HUGE fan!

Here is the scoop from Yu-Be:

The brand is launching a reformulated, unscented version of their cult favorite cream, Yu-Be Advanced Formula Pure Hydration Cream with Chamomile Extract.
·         Paraben Free
·         Totally Unscented (NO CAMPHOR)
·         Alcohol Free
·         Artificial Fragrance Free
·         Petrolatum / Mineral Oil Free
·         Free of Animal-Derived Ingredients

This cream is amazing!!! Honestly, I really categorize it more as a balm as it really meets my skin's needs that a balm usually covers: nails, cuticles, lips, rough patches, and feet. This product is super hyrating and very protecting. Slather it on all your rough and dry spots and you will wake up with improved skin. I literally keep this on my nightstand and use it every night before going to sleep. I just love it and am THRILLED with the fragrance-free version. The brand has carefully removed the camphor and parabens that were in the origional product while still keeping the powerful hydrating qualities everyone has come to expect from Yu-Be. 

The new Advanced Formula Cream is available for $16 via, select Yu-Be products can also be found at Target, Amazon, Anthropologie and Nordstrom online.

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