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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dare to be Bold! SinfulColors & Vanessa Hudgens Cosmetic Collection

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Dare to be Bold! 

Such exciting news: SinfulColors, a brand that I have used and loved for years for affordable nail polish,  recently embarked on a major brand expansion with the launch of an extensive color cosmetics collection. 

This collection is now easily available on!

So, are you ready to experiment with color? Experimenting is fun and easy when it is done with good quality and affordable makeup. That is exacty what the SinfulColors line represents to me: quality and, the products and colors are completely on trend and...well, fun! So, it’s now time to experiment and get on trend with your makeup routine and add some bold colors with SinfulColors Cosmetics!  SinfulColors has teamed up with Vanessa Hudgens bringing you 18 insanely awesome products!

Here is the scoop:

Bold Brow™ Intense Effects, $6.99
  • Dual ended product with two unique shades: metallic and shade-shifting iridescent colors. This is an interesting concept...I am used to natural looking brows. However, if you are experimental with color, these might be for you!
  • Cream formula
  • Available in two color duos: Stormy/Fierce (irradecent pink/irradecent blue glitter) and Smoldering/Feriocious (metallic burgundy/copper)

Diva Lash Color Mascara™, $5.99
  • For plumped up and shiny stand-out lashes!
  • Color rich formula, powerful payoff and voluminous shine
  • Wear one color or mix and match for an unexpected contrast
  • Available in 4 shades: Scanda-Lash (bright purple), Lash Splash (electric blue), Lashing Out (shade-shifting burgandy), and Fatas-Eyes (metallic copper)

Stop & Stare™ Gel Eyeliner, $5.99
  • Creamy and vibrant pencil liners with lightweight feel.
  • Easy to use pencil
  • Sharpenable pencil design keeps the gel liner tip super fine
  • Available in four shades: Intense (rich, reflective plum), Lielock Eyes (a pearly purple), Provocative (electric blue), and Seductive (sassy metallic rose gold). 

Shady Babe™ Duo Cream Shadow, $6.99
  • Glides on lids without tugging and lays down beautiful metallic color. 
  • Dual ended shadow adds depth and definition
  • Smooth formula
  • Available in four shades: Charming/Stunning (pink/turquoise), Tempting/Alluring (lilac/blue), Hypnotic/Dazzling (khaki/grey), and Enchanting/Glamorous (navy/rose gold). 

Face Forward™ Allover Highlighter Stick, $6.99
  • Highlighters illuminate and enhance your natural glow. These highlighters are my favorite items in this collection! I love stick highlighters as I just like to dab a bit on with my fingers as my final touch in my makeup routine. 
  • Ultra-blendable cream to powder formula
  • Available in four shades: Get Lit (iridecsent blue), Glow Potion (ireidecent pink), Rose Glow (metallic rose gold), and AfterGlow (metallic glow). 

The SinfulColors Cosmetics line is available on Amazon. The next wave of SinfulColors cosmetics will begin rolling out in select retail stores like CVS, Walmart, and Rite Aid! 

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