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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Positive Thinking Challenge: 21-Days of Positive Powerful Thinking with PRIMP and Pamprin

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Positive Thinking Challenge: 21-Days of Positive Powerful Thinking with PRIMP and Pamprin:

Positive thinking is a very powerful thing. I am a big believer in this. Our experiences and our world is shaped by the way we percieve it. This starts with ourselves. Simple, yet profound, acts of positive thinking and self-care can set off a beautiful ripple effect. We must first love and care for ourselves in order to love and care for others. Let's face it, when we feel beautiful and poistive on the inside, we can accomplish great things on the outside! As an eternal optimist and seeker of self-love, I am so excited about putting more positive vibes out in the world! 

I am so excited to partner with PRIMP and Pamprin to promote overall well-being through the power of positive thinking with their 21-DAYS OF POSITIVITY Challenge. As the brand name suggests, Pamprin is a brand that wants women to "pamper" themselves...they want women to take good care of themselves. I know that I feel that I am my best self when I am taking good care of myself...from the inside out. From healthy eating, to positive self-talk, to overall self-care, these are the things that make me feel good on the inside and this radiates outwards. 

As a Power Primper with the PRIMP Network, I am a part of a group of fantastic women bloggers. PRIMP wants to collectively inspire women to love themselves. Lets all show the world how to treat us by revealing how we treat ourselves. So, lets encourage each other to change our inner dialogues. Lets replace those inner voices that critique and replace them with positive self-talk. Yes, this is sometimes hard to do. We are often our own worst critic. That is what I love about this challenge so much! It gives simple daily thought starters. Positive thinking is a habit. So, lets challenge ourselves to keep up the positive self dialogue! This is seriously life-changing. Let's set off a beautiful ripple effect with our self-love and positive self-care. 

21 Days Makes a Positivity Habit: The Challenge! #BePositivePamprin
I am so excited to partner with PRIMP and Pamprin with this awesome challenge. So, I am going to invite you to join in the 21-DAYS OF POSITIVITY, too! Repeat this 7-day cycle (see pic above) 3 times. Habits form after 3-weeks of consistent and intentional effort. I am amazed at how this has already changed my mind-set. Just think...what we can accomplish when we approach our next 21 days with unwavering optimism? I am excited to see!!! 

My Personal Optimism Plan:
I find that the best way to embrace positive self-talk is to start my day off positive first thing in the morning. I am doing a modified version of "Miracle Morning". I enjoy this morning time with myself for positive self-reflection. It is like a little gift of time with myself. I get up about 10 minutes early and have my morning coffee or tea, grab my journal and my pen...and I try to get everything started for the day on a positive note! 

Miracle Morning:
  • Silence: Meditation, Deep Breathing, or Prayer
  • Affirmations: Time for positive mantras! I have a pinboard, favorite Instagram hashtags I follow, and saved printouts of my favorite positive mantras that I read through. 
  • Visualization: See yourself doing positive things! You can accomplish what you set your mind to. See yourself realizing your full potential! 
  • Exercise: Okay, this is where I modify the Miracle Morning routine. As much as I would LOVE to excercise every morning, there is simply no time. So, I always make a plan for myself for later in the day to be active. 
  • Reading: Read something inspirational for a few minutes. 
  • Scribing: Keep a journal! Track your thoughts and progress. 

What to do with those pesky negative thoughts?
Despite my best efforts, sometimes those negative thoughts interfere. Yes, I will admit that sometimes this happens daily. So, what can we do about that? How do we get back to that Happy Zone? Well, I think that the first step is awareness. You can identify your negative thinking and make an effort to push those thoughts away. Replace them with a positive. Sometimes it just takes a moment for you to realize that you are having a bad moment. Take a break, take a breath, and try to turn it around. Most importantly, be kind to yourself! Don't get mad at yourself for letting those negative thoughts intrude. We must be gentle with ourselves. We are human after all and it will take time to get into a positive mind-set. 

For me the best way to turn my mood around is to get outside. I love the grounding energy that I get from being outdoors (be sure to check out my Instagram for my daily grounding challenge to get outside and get barefooted daily!). 

I find that those negative thoughts tend to intrude more when I am tired, worn out, or when it is "that time of the month". Yes, those hormonal fluxuations that accompany PMS are certainly hard to deal with. Yes, we all know what a drag PMS can be. So, this is when positive thinking is that much more important! Track your cycle and anticipate that you might have to focus your postive energy even more purposefully during "that time of the month". Lets have a mission to replace the "drag" in PMS with something uplifting and inspiring! 

Plus, durning PMS, taking Pamprin can help to alleviate some of your discomfort so you can focus on going back to being positive! 

I personally like taking Pamprin Multi-Symptom during PMS. It contains three active ingredients: an antihistamine (to relieve irritability), a diuretic (to fight against bloating and water weight gain), and a pain reliever (to alleviate cramps). So, Pamprin Multi-Symptom helps to treats a variety of PMS and menstrual symptoms such bloating, pain and cramps, and irritability. It does not just treat the pain of cramps, it does much more! Plus, Pamprin Multi-Symptom has the same strength medicine as Extra Strength Tylenol PLUS the added benefits of fighting against bloating and irritability. So, with Pamprin, you get much more than just pain relief. You are treating all the symptoms related with PMS and your menstrual cycle. 

I encourage all of you to join in with this 21-Days of Positive Powerful thinking with PRIMP and Pamprin! I think that they key thing here is consistent and intentional effort with our positive thoughts. Positive thoughts are transformative. Lets inspire others and let the positivity flow! We’ll all be AMAZED  by what we can accomplish indivicually and collectively. Lets change our mind-sets. Lets turn away from those negative thoughts and replace them with self-love.  approach our next 21 days with unwavering optimism. You can do it girls! Be positive, be intentional. Love yourself and watch it overflow. It is amazing!!!

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