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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Repairing my Damaged Hair: Nexxus Promend Line

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Repairing My Damaged Hair:
Nexxus Promend Hair Care for Hair Prone to Split Ends

My Hair:
Alas, I must admit...I am dealing with some damage in my hair. As careful as I am with taking care of my hair, the damage still happened as a result of a botched highlighting job a few months ago. Needless to say, I found a new and wonderful hairdresser and am growing out my damage.

Finding the right products for your hair type and hair situation is crucial. I tend to gravitate towards moisturizing formulas or repairing formulas for shampoo and conditioner. I always use heat protectant and leave-in conditioners as well. Plus, I do weekly protein treatments and moisturizing treatments. All of these methods are working together to help repair (or mask) past damage and are working to prevent future damage and breakage.

I am always looking for the very best products available for treating damaged hair and preventing future damage. The Promend line from Nexxus had me intrigued! It is a line designed to mend and prevent split ends. While split ends are not my particular problem, split ends are a form of damage and therefore the products will likely work for my type of damage/breakage.

Nexxus Promend Line:
Before I dive into individual product details, lets talk about the gorgeous and intoxicating scent of these products! I am not even able to describe the scent, but I want to say that it is soft and somewhat powdery and vanilla-like. It is lovely and it lightly lingers in my hair.

Nexxus Promend Shampoo and Conditioner:
The formula of the Promend Shampoo is very rich and thick. It works up a nice lather and the combination of the shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair feeling soft, smooth, and conditioned. The products seem to leave behind a protective layer that smooths the hair (almost like you used a leave-in). While my hair is extremely prone to tangles, I notice that my hair is much easier to comb out when I use the Promend products.

The formula is silicone-free. The shampoo and conditioner seal and bind split ends. This "sealing" works to smooth out the rough texture from my highlight damage. The products are formulated with Elastin Protein and Flax Seed Oil for hair nourishment and protection. I am really amazed at how soft and smooth my hair feels after using this. No, no product can truely "heal" my past damage. However, a formula like the Nexxus Promend producuts work to smooth and bind your hair so that the damage is less apparent.

My only critique of the Nexxus Promend Shampoo and Conditioner is with the packaging. I find that the bottle shape and size is extremely hard to squeeze...the Shampoo is fine as it is thinner. However, I have a very hard time getting the conditioner out. I store it upside down in the shower to help get the product to the top. Even doing that, I have a very difficult time.

Nexxus Promend Leave-In Cream:
This is a nice next step after Shampooing and Conditioning your hair with the Promend Line. Like the shampoo and conditioner, it contains  Flax Seed Oil and Elastin Protein. This product works miracles for smoothing out rough areas and making your hair super easy to comb through. It smooths and protects beautifully. I think I might have found my new favorite leave-in!!! It works without leaving my hair feeling weighed down nor greasy. Plus, it only takes a small amount to get great results.

Nexxus Promend Heat Protecting Mist:
Every single time I get my highlights with my new hairdresser she reminds me that I must use a heat protectant when I style my hair. Heat protectants are an absolute must for anyone who blow dries, flat irons, or heat curls their hair. So, my final step before blow drying my hair is to give my hair a light misting of the Nexxus Promend Heat Protecting Mist.

Another tip: I let my hair air dry to about 75% dry before blow drying it to limit the heat exposure. I use a large paddle brush and then a large round brush to smooth out and style my hair with the dryer on medium heat.

If you are looking for professional salon quality hair products to remediate past damage and to protect your hair from future damage, then look no further than the Nexxus Promend line. I am totally hooked and will continue to use these amazing products. The combined effect of using this line on my hair has left my hair feeling and looking smoother and softer. The rough texture from the damage is minimized and my hair is left looking and feeling much more healthy and managed.

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