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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hair Help: L'Anza Healing Moisture

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L'Anza Healing Moisture: Hair Help for my Damaged Hair!
Summer is a great time to revive your hair care routine. Not only is my hair damaged from heavy highlights, but also the sun and the fun tend to wreak havoc on my hair, too. So, what better time to step up your haircare game and add some really nourishing products!

I was immediately drawn to the L'Anza Healing Moisture line because of its name as my hair needs intense moisure and some major healing from some pretty significant damage from a bad highlighting experience a few months ago. Not only does this line smell absolutely amazing, but also it does some wonderful things for my hair!

L'Anza Healing Moisture Shampoo:
This is an extra gentle shampoo for dry/damaged/coarse hair. It is safe for color-treated hair. It contains natural botanicals that provide healing for your hair and also has ingredients like Tahitian Tamanu Nut Extract to provide moisture to the hair. This sulfate-free shampoo works up a great lather and leaves your hair feeling light and clean without stripping your hairs moisture. It leaves my hair nourished and soft.

L'Anza Healing Moisture Kukui Nut Conditioner:
I really love this daily conditioner! It soothes and moisturizes my hair without leaving it feeling overly weighed down. The formula contains Hawaiian Kukui Nut for both moisture and shine. I alternate between this and the Moi Moi hair masque (which provides deeper conditioning).

L'Anza Healing Haircare Moi Moi Hair Masque:
This hair mask deeply repairs and hydrates damaged hair. I have had really great results with using this masque about 1-2x a week in conjunction with the rest of the Healing Moisture line. This mask is so unique with its blue moisture micro pearls in the formula (I did a double take the first time I used it as the product looks like it would exfoliate). I just apply it in the shower after washing my hair. I leave on until I am done showering and I rinse out.

I am really enjoying using the L'Anza Healing Moisture hair care line. I have had such great results with my dry and damaged hair! Not only do the products work great, but they smell amazing and leave such a nice lingering scent in my hair. I highly recommend that you check out this line!

As always, thanks for reading!

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