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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Your Perfect Shower Accessory: Olay's NEW DUO Dual-Sized Body Cleanser!

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Every once in awhile a super fun product comes around that just adds that little perk in my morning routine. For me, that is my recently discovered Olay DUO Dual-Sided Body Cleanser

What can I say, my morning shower is my "me time" it is that 10 minute experience to just pamper myself before my day begins and before the "Mommy" demands begin. Anything that I can do to either pamper myself in the shower and/or save time, is a plus in my book! The Olay DUO accomplishes both: the scent is intoxicating and the 2-in-1 feature really is a timesaver. Plus, it is soothing to use!

Dual Users:
I am an admitted "dual user"...I tend to use BOTH bar soap and body washes in the shower. According to Olay, there are many other like me "out there": those of us who really like the clean feel of a bar soap but also enjoy the caring and soothing benefits of a body wash. Well, Olay has attempted to get the feel of both a bar soap and a body wash into one unique product: the Olay Duo Dual-Sided Body Cleanser. 

So, what is the Olay DUO exactly? Here is what Olay has to say:

DUO unites the clean of a bar, the care of a body wash and the experience of a puff/implement, giving consumers the multi-sensory experience they desire for the best of all worlds.

DUO is a breakthrough dual-sided cleaning tool infused with a flexible cleaner inside. The scrubby side exfoliates and renews skin surface, the soft flexible cleanser interior conforms and lathers, and the smooth side softens and conditions. The result is a deep, refreshing clean for noticeably invigorated, soft skin.

How You DUO:
• Experience the DUO daily for a complete, close clean and invigorated, healthy-looking skin
• Just add water for a rich cleansing lather
• Enjoy your feel of clean using the scrubby and
smooth sides as you like
• Use daily and hang to dry after each shower
• DUO’s built-in cleanser indicates when it’s time to dispose and get a new one, when lather fades (up to 30 uses)

Why You DUO:
• MORE EFFECTIVE: Patented multi-layered cleansing technology delivers a 2X better clean vs. our basic body wash + a puff
• DEEPER EXFOLIATION: Provides a deeper clean as it exfoliates surface skin deeper than a body wash puff
• COMPLETE CLEAN: Flexible cleanser glides and contours to your every move and groove for a close, complete clean
• EXPERIENTIAL SCENT: Delightful scent experience with 3-4x more fragrance ingredients than our current bar soaps and body washes

The DUO is just so simple and easy to use! I really enjoy using the DUO in the shower and will admit that I am fully hooked to both the scent and the experience! Just try it! I am sure you will love it, too.

As always, thanks for reading!

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