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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spruce up Your Home for Spring: Decorative Silk Plants!

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Sprucing up My Home with Decorative Silk Plants:

My home decoration project continues! As many of you know, I moved into a new house a few months ago. The decoration wish-list seems endless. So, I am just tackling one space at a time and adding decorative elements as I find them. I don't just want to "fill the space". I want to add decorative elements that I really love! 

My most recent decorative accent additions are these gorgeous Olive Topiaries! I love plants and "green" items for home decor. However, my somewhat "brown" thumb has lead me to many dead houseplants over the years. A realistic and good quality silk plant really is the ideal choice for me. I don't have to worry about lighting or watering. I just have to add the silk plants that I love the look of! Overall, I am pleased with the quality of these silk plants. The Olive Topiaries are beautiful and add a nice touch to my home. They did require a bit of "fluffing up" after un-boxing. However, this is typical of any silk plant that has been shipped in a box.

I have a lot of 2-story or high ceilings and large spaces to fill within my home. A silk plant is a great way to spruce up an empty space! I found this Olive Topiary 2-pack set from They are 30" high and are just beautiful! PermaLeaf® is the leading supplier of outdoor artificial plants, outdoor silk trees, outdoor artificial flowers, boxwood topiaries. Their products are specially formulated using the unique material to endure harsh outdoor situations.  These outdoor landscaping products combines UV blocking technology with durable, colorfast pigments to form an intrinsically fade resistant foliage for outdoor use.

Do you like decorating with silk plants, too? What are your best tips for decorating? 

As always, thanks for reading!

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