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Friday, July 22, 2016

The Beauty Spotlight Team: My Current Downsized Makeup Storage and Organization

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My Current Downsized Makeup Storage and Organization:
The Beauty Spotlight Team is wrapping up their series of Beauty Storage & Organization posts. This is the final post in that series. So, today I get to share with you lovelies my current makeup storage and organization solutions. 

Downsizing My Collection and Changing my Storage:
I am super excited to share my current makeup storage situation as it has drastically changed from my last beauty storage post! You guys might remember that my former storage system consisted of a huge mirrored matching lingerie chest and vanity from Pier 1 plus a clear cube? The set is gorgeous and it really was a dream come true to have such a beautiful storage and vanity area. 

 My Former Beauty Storage:
Mirrored Lingerie Chest, Mirrored Vanity, and Clear Cube:
 Note: The Clear cube was not packed yet in this former picture. 
However, this entire area ended up packed to the gills with makeup.
Well, after using that system for just over a year, I realized that it just was not working for me. As a beauty blogger, I had a ridiculously huge collection. As you can imagine, I get a lot of press samples. My collection got out of hand. I had more than I could use and the clutter started to really stress me out. It was an organized clutter. However, the sheer volume of the collection rendered it to not be user-friendly. I found that when I sat down to do my makeup, I was overwhelmed by choices. As a stay-at-home Mom of a toddler and a preschooler, I am very limited in my time to get ready in the mornings. I did not enjoy having to dig through the mass of makeup just to find some concealer, lip balm, and mascara and other basics on a daily basis. My day-to-day makeup is really quite simple. My daily basics were hard to find and I was wasting too much precious time digging. I realized what I had to do: I did some drastic downsizing. 

Downsizing: How did I do it?
Downsizing was really quite easy. I was holding on to things for way too long. Makeup items that were too old got thrown away. Items that were used but I never reached for were passed on to friends and family. New and unused items were given to friends and family plus there is a Women's outreach ministry near by that is now getting donations from me. 

I downsized by about 75% and I am still going! I has honestly been liberating. My next step is to tackle my bathroom items: skincare and body products.

I no longer use my lingerie chest for makeup storage. It was completely emptied out of makeup and now holds all of my lingerie and athletic wear (and I am thrilled about that!). My vanity drawer is not housing a ton of products either, just some back-up mascaras and brow products...that is it! All of my makeup is now in that clear cube and the small travel train case...and guess what, if I start to overflow again, it will be time to purge.

Just the Cutie Clear Cube from TwinLilies plus a small travel Train Case:
The best part? There are empty spaces!

My Current Beauty Storage: A Clear Cube plus a small Train Case:
I am in a constant purging mode now. If I don't love something after a few uses, it gets passed along. There is no need for me to hang onto something I am not using and loving. I used to keep things for sake of comparison and swatching, etc. However, the clutter was just overwhelming. My system is super streamlined now and, as a result, I love getting ready in the mornings again and doing my makeup! 

My most used everyday beauty items are kept in my small travel Train Case (by London Soho) that I keep on top of my vanity. My everyday brushes are on top with my concealers, eyeliners, and mascaras in the top zipper compartment. The rest of my makeup is in my clear cube: palettes, eye shadows, blushes, foundations, powders, primers, etc. I rotate blushes and eye shadows and lippies from my clear cube into my small train case periodically just to keep things interesting and to make sure things get used. When it is time to rotate products again, if I didn't totally enjoy using it, it gets passed on and does not re-enter the clear cube storage.

I just love my streamlined and simplified beauty storage! I know that large collections work for a lot of beauty enthusiasts...and it did for me for awhile. However, I am finding that I really prefer a simplified routine and a much smaller collection (although by many standards, I still have a large amount of beauty items...but it is about 75% smaller than before).

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post! Also, I hope that I have given you some inspiration to downsize and streamline if that is the direction you are heading. Funny, my favorite videos on youtube to watch used to be beauty hauls...and now they are beauty purges! I love hearing about people's success with de-cluttering and I find it to be inspiring! So, if you are in the process of decluttering any area of your home, I would love to hear about it. :) Thanks again for reading!

You can find the Cutie Clear Cube here! :)


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Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

Love that cube! I have all my makeup in my vanity but it is starting to be too much so I think I will be purging some soon too.

Tammy said...

Would you please post a link for the cube? Thanks!

Unknown said...

It all looks very nice. I love the acrylic organizers. But some r kinda expensive. The best prices I find r usually on Amazon but I hear and read that many find them at TJ Maxx and Ross and Marshall's. I have a home made vanity it was a glass top and metal base desk found by a dumpster at my sons apt complex he manages. College town and when ppl move and can't or don't take things with them. I got lucky. It's pretty nice size. Not too small or big. I have a little set tiny shelves and with a cpl baskets found at Dollar store that r canvas and have wording. I'm sucker for that kind of org. Do it all all over my house. I really like to purge my house. Makeup not so much yet. But not overwhelming amount and not a blogger or utuber or anything. Just lover. Really enjoyed this.

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