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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Who Says Size Matters? ;) TIGI Bed Head's NEW line of Mini Hair Tools!

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Tigi Bed Head has just launched a brand NEW collection of Mini Hair Tools! This is a collection of three mini styling irons that have Ceramic Technology and high heat up to 400° F. Plus, each iron includes a heat-resistant drawstring pouch, making these irons easy to stash. So, whoever said good things don’t come in small packages...Tigi Bed Head just proved you wrong! ;) 

These irons have all the power in half the size. Now you’re able to touch up quickly, or easily style shorter hair or straighter hair and bangs and conveniently bring them on any getaway! I know that when I am packing to go out of town, space is at a premium. I don't want to bulk up my luggage with full size styling tools. These irons are great for travel or for on-the-go on the office or in your handbag. 

I was able to try out 2 of these three Mini Hair Tools by TIGI Bed Head: the 1/2" Purple Haze Mini Ceramic Crimper and the 1" Pinkaholic Mini Ceramic Straightener. Both of these irons got nice and hot quickly and worked effortlessly on my hair. Plus, can I just say that they are so darn cute. I love both the display packaging (which I kept for easy storage) and the drawstring travel bag. These are super cute and convenient irons! Love the color, the size, and the cute-factor. Plus, they work great!

Bed Head Power Lift™ Purple Haze Mini Ceramic Crimper ($19.99, Ulta): Style intervention to power your hair and pump up the volume. Perfect for adding volume at the roots and creating quirky styles on the fly. Adding a little bit of crimp to your underneath hair layers is a genius idea for creating massive and lasting volume in your hair. This works so much better than backcombing! I have tried this idea before in a full size iron from another brand and I am impressed with how well this mini version works.

Bed Head Attitude Overhaul™ Pinkaholic Mini Ceramic Straightener ($19.99, Ulta): Keep your attitude in check with seriously straight, extra shiny, frizz free hair. Perfect for creating sleek styles, no matter where you go! Ideal for thick or longer hair types. While my hair is primarily straight, I have this one pesky and annoying section in the top middle back area of my head that is kinky/curly. This patch of curly hair popped up after pregnancy and just never went away. While it is frustrating, it is easily smoothed out with a flat iron. It is honestly the only area of my hair that "needs" ironing. So, a small tool like this Pinkaholic Mini Straightener works great for doing this one area of my hair.

Be sure to check out these cute Mini Hair Tools by Tigi Bed Head next time you are in Ulta! Their cuteness factor will draw you in, too! ;)

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Cassie Tucker said...

I need to head to Ulta and check out the mini crimper! It'd be perfect for my Cosmetology School Kit!

Cassie @ Southeast by Midwest

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