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Monday, March 14, 2016

What is NEW at the Drugstore? COVERGIRL New Releases 2016

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Have you browsed your local drugstore's makeup section lately? There is no question. Drugstore makeup has stepped up its game! There are so many gorgeous new drugstore makeup items. It literally makes me giddy browsing through the aisles and seeing all the pretty palettes and gorgeous colors. Beauty trends have driven production of not only a wider variety of makeup items available at the drugstore, but also has driven up the quality. It used to be that you could only get a highly pigmented concealer, a potted gel eyeliner, a contour palette, or a nude eyeshadow palette at Sephora, Ulta, or a department store makeup counter. Well, now you can get those items at the drugstore...and at a drugstore price! 

I am so excited about COVERGIRL's new releases for 2016! COVERGIRL will always be a go-to drugstore brand for me. Not only are COVERGIRL's prices extremely affordable, but also the line is nostalgic for me. My very first makeup I ever bought was COVERGIRL and I have kept COVERGIRL products in my makeup routine ever since! Even though I have always loved COVERGIRL, I do feel that they have stepped up their game the past few years with some really high quality line additions. So, lets talk about my newest additions to my makeup routine from COVERGIRL!
To hear about how I like these new items from COVERGIRL, please click "read more" below! :) 

I am a neutrals girl at heart. Sure, I love to explore here and there with color on my eyes. But, 9x out of 10, I am wearing neutral/nude shadows on my lids. There is no question that my various nude/neutral palettes get the most use of all my eyeshadows. So, as you can imagine, I am super excited about COVERGIRL's release of their truNAKED palettes. These are awesome palettes for not only makeup beginners or drugstore makeup lovers, but really anyone who loves neutrals! Why pay $50 for a high end makeup palette when you can get this kind of quality and assortment in a drugstore $10 palette? Sure, I love my high end makeup and even the "collect-ability" factor of some of those high end palettes. But, for everyday use, these new truNAKED palettes are da bomb! 

I got to try out the COVERGIRL truNAKED Palettes in the shade Roses. OMG! I adore this palette and it has become my go-to staple for everyday wear. The rosy-neutral shades range from light to dark and vary in finish from matte/satin to shimmer. There are even some standout shades in the palette like the satin vanilla, shimmery champagne, and satin rosy light brown (the 3 shades from the left). Those are my most worn from this palette as base shade, lid shade, and crease color. Perfect for an everyday look. You can even do a sultry or heavier smoky look with using the darker shades on the other end of the palette. Gorgeous! I love this palette so much that I want to get the other two truNAKED palettes and add those to my makeup routine as well. Such awesome quality. The shades are smooth, pigmented, and even have that lovely buttery feel. They wear very well on me over an eyeshadow primer.

The Skinny:
  • The TruNAKED palettes come in 3 shades: Nudes, Roses, and Golden. 
  • Retail from $9.99-$12.99
  • Each palette has 8 shades 
These new COVERGIRL Colorlicious Oh Sugar lippies are a must-try! I'm not into "fussy" lips lately. I like to just pop on something moisturizing that adds a little color. These lipbalms are great for that! They have great color payoff with color that is sheer; yet, it still packs in great pigment and shine. There is a lovely lemon scent that is really appealing. Plus, these balms are made with ultra-rich ingredients like grapeseed oil, avacado butter, vitamins C & E. These heavily remind me of a very popular high-end tinted  lipbalm. Yes, I think these are total dupes for the fresh Sugar lip treatments (at a better price)! I tried the shades #10 Gumdrop (a gorgeous mauve) and #8 Sprinkle (a pretty and bright pink). Love them both and they are getting a lot of wear! 

The Skinny:
  • The Colorlicious Oh Sugar! lip balms come in 10 shades: Cupcake; Candy; Caramel; Taffy; Spice; Punch; Soda; Sprinkle; Jelly; Gumdrop
  • Retail from $6.99-$8.99
  • Sheer color and light lemon scent
The COVERGIRL TruNAKED palette in Roses and the Colorlicious Oh Sugar lipbalms are fantastic additions to both my makeup collection and my everyday makeup routine! These are fabulous products at even better prices. Be sure to check these out next time you are in the drugstore. I like these so much that I am tempted to try out other shades in the palettes as well as the balms! What are your favorites from these? 

Thanks for reading!

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