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Monday, March 28, 2016

Get ready for Spring with #Aveeno and their NEW Soothing #GentleScent

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Spring is just around the corner! I better get my skin ready! It is time to work on healing my Winter-Dry skin! Give your sensitive skin a gift with the new AVEENO Skin Relief Gentle Scent™Collection – the brand's first line of delightfully scented body washes and lotions specifically designed for sensitive skin.

My skin leans toward the sensitive side...especially in Winter. I often hate sacrificing beautifully scented products for my sensitive skin (product fragrances can cause irritation for some people's skin). Normally, I can tolerate most fragrances as far as not flaring up sensitive skin...but, that just depends. If my skin is super dry and irritated, I usually cut back on fragranced products until my skin calms down. The awesome news is that AVEENO has launched some amazing new lightly fragranced formulas that are well tolerated even for those with sensitive skin!

Now you can enjoy the beautiful scents of Nourishing Coconut and Soothing Oat and Chamomile in formulas that are clinically shown to be as gentle on skin as fragrance-free alternatives! Formulated with ACTIVE NATURALS® Oat, these unique dermatologist and allergy-tested products are proven to soothe itchy, extra-dry skin.
I had the chance to try out the AVEENO Skin Relief Gentle Scent™ Skin Relief Body Wash and Lotion in the Nourishing Coconut scent. I must say, Coconut is one of my total favorite scents and flavors. I would dare say that I am even a bit coconut-obcessed...especially in the Summer (it is a bit of a Summer scent for me as it is so reminicent of all-things tropical: the beach, sunscreen, warm weather, etc). While it is not Summer, this scent is certainly one that you can enjoy year round. As the name states in this collection: the scent is gentle, yet not as light as I would expect. It is actually "just right"! It is enough scent to smell lovely while you use it and linger on your skin a bit without being at all overpowering. Aveeno really balanced the scent just right!
AVEENO's Skin Relief Gentle Scent™ Skin Relief Body Wash is formulated with Aveeno's Active Naturals Soothing Oatmeal which helps to gently cleanse your skin. When I use this my skin is left feeling clean without feeling dry or itchy. I feel like this body wash actually soothes and protects my skin. AVEENO's Skin Relief Gentle Scent™ Skin Relief Body Lotion is formulated with Aveeno's Triple Oat Complex: Colloidal Oatmeal to seal in moisture, Oat Essence to calm skin, and Oat Oil to restore skin's moisture barrier function.

These NEW AVEENO's Skin Relief Gentle Scent™ Skin Relief Body Wash and Lotions are awesome and now are available nationwide at mass retailers! For anyone with sensitive nice is it to finally have some great drugstore options that are soothing and effective AND beautifully and lightly scented!

Have you guys seen or tried these yet? I would love to hear how anyone's experience was (especially if you have very sensitive skin!).

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