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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"Back to School" with Paula's Choice Skincare: Banishing Breakouts!

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"Back to School" with Paula's Choice: Banishing Breakouts!
While I am certainly not going "Back to School" this year, my daughter is and that signals change for the whole family. I find that this time of year and seasonal change always prompts me to revamp my skincare routine! 

After having 2 kids in the past 3 years, my hormones have certainly been on a rollercoaster! My combination skin has been very temperamental. Plus, my skin seems to have different needs in different seasons. Lately, my combination skin has been leaning towards oily and my breakouts seem to have increased slightly. I do not break out very often. However, I do get occasional small blemishes around my nose and on my chin. This is so frustrating! At 41 years old, I find myself in the dilemma of fighting both breakouts and signs of aging at the same time. Sigh! So, what is a girl to do? 

The good news is that Paula's Choice Skincare has a lot of great options for a multitude of skin types. I have been a fan of the line for years. Literally. Reading Paula's "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter" book many years ago was one of the factors that sparked my interest in skincare which eventually led me to becoming a beauty blogger with a skincare focus on my site! With Paula's Choice, I always trust that the products are well researched and formulated. I truly believe that you are getting high-end skincare from Paula's Choice for a great price! Plus, you can't beat the fact that Paula's Choice will consult with you on your skin and make great recommendations for your specific skincare concerns.

After a short phone conference about my skin and my skincare concerns, Paula's Choice recommended the Resist Essentials Kit for Wrinkles + Breakouts. I really enjoyed my skincare consultation! I feel that I got great feedback and some good tips for product use. The Skincare consultant really knew the right questions to ask to probe my skincare needs and concerns. So, the Resist Essentials Kit that was recommended contains the core products that you need for a good skincare routine for normal-oily skin. The kid includes the following four products: cleanser, daily exfoliant, day moisturizer with SPF, and night moisturizer. In addition to the kit, they also wanted me to use the Resist C15 Super Booster (which I have used previously and am already a fan of), the Clear Regular Strength Acne Treatment with 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide, and their new Resist 1% Retinol Booster. 

My Skin:
Before diving any deeper into the products, lets talk a bit more about my skin and my skincare concerns. I have combo skin that is currently combo-oily. My skin fluctuates seasonally and hormonally. So, I vary between normal/combo-dry/combo-oily. It is complicated! I am in my early 40s. So, I am certainly interested in age prevention. I am lucky that I only have a few fine lines at this point. However, I want to keep signs of aging at bay! Plus, I also battle breakouts. I need products that are effective in regards to anti-aging that also do not break out my skin. In fact, I need treatments to prevent breakouts. My biggest skincare complaint is that I have super dark under eye circles. Honestly, I forgot to mention this during my skincare consultation. So, nothing was specifically recommended for this. I totally should have mentioned this when talking to them! Oh well.

So, lets get to my review! To find out more details about each of these products and to hear my first impressions, please click "read more" below! Plus, be sure to scroll down the bottom of my post to find out about a fabulous 20% off Perk discount that I can offer for my readers!

Resist Essentials Kit for Wrinkles + Breakouts:
As I mentioned, this is the basic kit of core products for individuals with combo-oily skin. This kit is designed to help banish breakouts while also fighting wrinkles. While I do not have any major lines or wrinkles, I am starting to see fine lines and certainly have occasional breakouts. 

Products in the Resist Essentials Kit for Wrinkles + Breakouts: Product Details plus My First Impressions:
  • Resist Perfectly Balanced Cleanser: This cleanser was formulated for Normal-Oily or Combination skin. I find this formula to be very gentle. It cleanses completely and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft without feeling stripped of moisture nor irritated. The cleanser itself is creamy, this is a departure for me from my typical gel-based cleansers. While it is creamy, it still lightly foams and is clean rinsing. This cleanser is a keeper! I really love the feel of this cleanser on my skin and I have had great results so far. It is gentle and removes all of my excess makeup (makeup left behind after using a makeup remover) and dirt/debris with ease. I apply this cleanser twice a day in the mornings and evenings. I like the packaging, too. One pump's worth is the perfect amount for one washing.
  • Resist Daily Pore-Refining Treatment 2% BHA: This is not my first time using a Paula's Choice 2% BHA product! Paula's Choice is actually my go-to brand when looking for salicylic (BHA) acid products! I apply this once a day, in the evenings, after cleansing (and or cleansing and toning). It is so easy to use. Just apply to a cotton round and then gently swipe the cotton round across your face. While this product gives great exfoliation benefits, it is completely gentle to use. After using, I follow up with a serum, then moisturizer, etc. I think this product is unique because of its texture! It really is a weightless product and almost feels like water when you apply. It gives such good and gentle chemical exfoliation. Consistent use keeps my skin clear with the pores looking refined, fine lines looking diminished, and skin feeling smooth. Plus, it also contains antioxidants. So, it is extra beneficial for your skin. I believe this might now be my favorite Paula's Choice BHA product because of the addition of the antioxidants. I feel that I am giving my skin "more" benefits when I use this over other BHA products. Nothing beats a product that helps clear your skin while helping to diminish fine lines.
  • Resist Youth-Extending Daily Fluid SPF 50: I have used this Resist Youth-Extending Daily Fluid SPF 50 in the past. So, I am super happy to return to this product for this review! As I mentioned before, I really am so picky about sunscreens. This one is a winner for me. I really enjoy the milky and ultra-thin formula. I do not find it particularly "mattifying", like the name suggests. However, it certainly does not cause any extra shine like many sunscreens do. So, I am still pleased. While this product does contain some chemical sunscreens, I still like the performance and feel. I do not experience any irritation as I sometimes do with some chemical sunscreens. I absolutely love that the SPF is high with a SPF 50! A high SPF is a must in Georgia with our warm weather this time of year, our sunny back yard, and lots of long walks during the week.  I can put this on in the morning and feel confident that my skin is protected throughout the day. Of course, I would apply more if I was at the pool or in a very sunny atomosphere. I use this all over my face and even down my neck (and around my eyes). I want to be fully protected!
  • Resist Anti-Aging Clear Skin Hydrator: Here is another product that I have tried before and I am really happy to be returning to! This product is a super lightweight moisturizer. During the Winter, when I tried this product before, this product was not quite enough moisture for my skin. However, now that my skin is leaning more towards oily with our Warm late Summer/Early Fall weather here in GA, I really think it is performing well for me as a moisturizer! I smooth this on at the very end of my skincare routine. This Hydrator sinks right in without leaving you feeling greasy nor sticky. Your skin just feel nicely moisturized and soft. I like that it hydrates without clogging pores nor causing breakouts. So, if you are looking for something super light weight, this might be perfect. I use this product only at night as I find that this does not layer very well under makeup (for me personally). 

Treatment Products: Additional Products (not in the Resist Essentials Kit for Wrinkles + Breakouts kit):
  • Clear Regular Strength Acne Treatment with 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide: For me, nothing beats a good Benzoyl Peroxide product to zap blemishes. This product is very effective at treating and preventing blemishes. I apply it once a day (usually in the evenings) or once every/other day to the skin around my nose and my chin. Also, I use it to spot treat existing blemishes. I found this product to be gentle; yet, it is also effective! It seems to clear up my breakouts without irritating nor over-drying the skin. With once a day use, it does not irritate my skin like other Benzoyl Peroxide products typically do (other Benzoyl Peroxide products I have used leave my skin slightly red...but, not this one from Paula's Choice!).
  • Resist 1% Retinol Booster: This is a powerful Retinol concentrate that can transform your usual moisturizer into a Retinol serum! Just add this in 1-2 drops at a time. You can customize the strength depending on your tolerance of Retinol and your skin's needs. While I am super excited about this product, I can't actually test it out just yet as I am still nursing my baby. As soon as I wean, which will be very soon, I am going to start using this! I love the idea of simply adding it into my routine as a mix-in.
  • Resist C15 Super Booster: I am so glad to be cycling back to this old favorite of mine. I am a huge fan of this mix-in C15 Booster! This is a Vitamin C formula that you can apply either on its own (using just a few drops) or you can use it as a mix in with your usual serum or moisturizer. It really does give yourself a "Boost" of radiance! The Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid work together to brighten your skin, face discolorations, and defend against photo-aging. I like the light feel of this product. I like to use it best as as mix-in with my usual serum that I apply in the morning. I just add one drop and then apply my serum as usual. I feel that this product has helped to fade some of my dark spots that I got during pregnancy. I highly recommend this very effective Vitamic C product to anyone looking to add Vit C to their skincare routine!

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Be sure to visit here to see the Paula's Choice Acne page.

What is missing from my Paula's Choice Skincare routine? In a word, eye cream! That is certainly the next product that I want to try out from Paula's Choice! During my Paula's Choice product testing, I used the recommened Paula's Choice products but also added in an eye cream on my own.

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Curious about what skincare ingredients you might need to fight aging? Be sure to check out this full article on Paula's Choice about Anti-Aging Superstar Ingredients! Seriously, such good info!

More About Paula's Choice:
Paula's Choice offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee (within 60 days), no animal testing and no irritating dyes or fragrance. Paula’s Choice is committed to customer advocacy, education and helping people find the best products for their skin. In fact, everyone can receive a FREE personal skincare consultation by calling this number: 1-800-831-4088. Their product line includes something for everyone, acne, rosacea, aging, pores. They treat it all.  On their website, you can choose from a menu of skincare concerns you’d like to treat. Their website has a full encyclopedia of advice for every type of skin care concern. Paula Begoun, the founder, is all about truth in beauty, skin care, ingredients and proven research.

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