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Monday, July 20, 2015

Makeup Wars: A Perfect Summer Scent: Laura Mercier's Tarte au Citron

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It is time for another Makeup Wars! This time the Makeup Wars team is sharing their favorite fragrances for Summer! The timing of this Makeup Wars is perfect because I just discovered a fabulous Summer scent from Laura Mercier!

Laura Mercier's Tarte au Citron Eau Gourmand:
Are you looking for a new scent for Summer? If you are a fan of the foody sweetness of Eau Gourmande scents then you are going to love this new one from Laura Mercier! Introducing Tarte au Citron! 

Eau Gourmand scents are my absolute favorite type of scent category. I love the richness and sometimes sweetness of these decadent and rich foody scents. However, when I typically think of Gourmand scents, I think "cold weather" or Winter-scents...until I met this new Tarte au Citron collection from Laura Mercier! The Tarte au Citron is absolute decadent goodness!

This scent is a blend of lemon zest, sugared citron, a dash of bergamot, and topped with creme fraice merinque. It is accented with neroli, jasmine, and anise combined with vanilla, musk, and even some woody notes. The overall effect? A decadent and rich scent that reminds me of lemon cake! This is a rich and complex sweet foody scent that is Summertime wearable. The zestyness of lemon makes it seem light and appropriate for the heat of Summer. I absolutely adore this scent and find it perfect for everyday wear. 

In addtion to the Tarte au Citron Eau de Toilette, I also tried out the Tarte au Citron Souffle Body Crème. The Souffle Body Crème is a luxurious and rich whipped body cream in a lovely glass jar. My skin gets so dry in the Summer from all the chlorine. So, applying this body cream is a special treat. It leaves my skin feeling velvety soft and delicately scented. It is so luxurious! It contains Vit A and E as well as Grape Seed and Macadamia Oils and Shea butter.

I adore wearing Laura Mercier's Tarte au Citron this Summer! What are you wearing this Summer? Are you a fan of Eau Gourmande scents, too?

Be sure to check out the rest of the Makeup Wars team's picks for their favorite Summer Scents (see thumbnails below)

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Unknown said...

Ohhh this sounds lovely!

mynewestaddiction said...

I love LM fragrances.

MarciaF said...

I always used to buy my DIL fragrances and bath products from Laura Mercier. I probably should start doing it again. This one sounds terrific.

Phyrra said...

Tarte au Citron Souffle Body Crème sounds wonderful!

Christine said...

LM's splashes are great for hot weather, I completely forgot about them!

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