Pammy Blogs Beauty: 4th of July Deals from ISO Beauty: The Magnetic Ceramic Ionic D-Tach Brush Set #Review #discountcode

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

4th of July Deals from ISO Beauty: The Magnetic Ceramic Ionic D-Tach Brush Set #Review #discountcode

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Awesome 4th of July Deal from ISO:
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As much as I love to go "no heat" when I can during the Summer, sometimes a little bit of heat is just what I need to smooth out my hair, zap frizz, and give me sleek style or bouncy hair. Recently, I discovered a fabulous brush set from ISO beauty to help me achieve sleek and bouncy Summer hair! For bounce with a little bit of bend, nothing beats round brushing with a ceramic brush. It is my go-to trick.
Are you a round brush user? Well, just wait till you hear about the ISO Beauty Magnetic Ceramic Ionic D-Tach Brush! It is so much more than just a round is a whole set of brush heads that magnetically attach (and detach, hense the name) to the brush handle. What is great about this? It allows you to set the curl or wave into your hair by just detaching the handle and leaving the brush in your hair. OMG! Genius!!!

To find out more about the ISO Beauty Magnetic Ceramic Ionic D-Tach Brush and to hear about the amazing deal for Pammy Blogs Beauty readers, please click "read more" below!

As I mentioned, round brushing my hair with a ceramic brush is my go-to trick for smooth hair. The heat from my dryer works with the ceramic core of brushes to smooth out the frizz in my hair and give my hair direction and bend where I want it. Literally every single time I dry my hair, I do so with multple sizes of ceramic round brushes. I have to hold my dryer and the brush and then hold the brush in my hair for a bit to let the heat work and set my hair. There is no question that this is time consuming and that my arms get tired.

Well, enter the ISO Beauty Magnetic Ceramic Ionic D-Tach Brush. As I mentioned, this is a brush set with 6 brush heads (small, medium, and large sized), 6 hair clips, and a magnetic brush handle (all in a clear zipper bag). The brush heads magnetically attach to the handle (they are attached and removed quite easily). This amazing set is such a genius invention! No more tired arms from holding a round brush in my hair while it sets (before using it on other areas of my hair). You simply hold and work the brush in your hair while drying and as you wind it up to create your bend, just release the handle and let the brush head stay in your hair. As it cools, it sets the bend in your hair for lasting smooth style (you also have the option of adding the clips to secure the brush head to your hair even better...but, I often don't need these).

For my long hair, I prefer the larger brushes. So, I tend to work back and forth between those brush heads: letting them cool in my hair and then reattaching them to the handle and using them again. I just repeat until I have finished all the sections of my hair that I want to work on. I just love this set! This detachable brush set is one of the many things available on the ISO beauty website. They also have a wide range of dryers, styling irons, extensions, and more. Plus, now is the time to shop at ISO! Check out this deal below:

Great 4th of July Deal from ISO:
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