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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Father's Day Gift Guide: Grooming and Fragrance Gifts for Dad!

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What to get a Man on Father's Day?
This is a good question! As a beauty blogger, there is certainly no shortage of products in our home. However, even as much as my husband ends up using my face washes, shower gels, etc...he really does love to use his own products that are formulated for a Man. Plus, he loves to wear cologne. So, Father's Day gifts of Fragrance or Personal Care/Grooming Products are always loved by my man! 

To find out more about each of these Father's Day Gift Ideas, please click "read more" below! :)

Here are some great ideas for products and fragrances to get your guy groomed and smelling great! These are Father's Day Gifts that I know that my husband would enjoy (which is good because I am surprising him with a basket of all of these products!). :)
  • Aveeno Men's Face Wash: Yes, my hub typically hijacks my facewash. However, if he has his own, he is much happier! Aveeno makes a great line of men's shaving and skincare products! This face wash is designed to cleanse and exfoliate while helping to provide a smooth comfortable shave! Plus, can I just say that, across the board, I like that the Aveeno Men's line is all fragrance-free! Men's products don't have to have harsh/strong fragrances to work well. :)
  • Aveeno Men's Shave Gel: Aveeno Shave Gels are sooooo good! I use them everyday. So, I want to introduce my Hub to the Aveeno Men's Shave Gel which helps to prevent razor bumps, nicks, and cuts while leaving skin soft and moisturized. 
  • Aveeno Men's After Shave Lotion: This lotion soothes and calms skin after shaving. It helps to restore pH and the moisture barrier to your man's skin. My Hub is not that big into skincare. However, he does always apply a product post-shave. So, I am thinking he will like this! 
  • Issey Miyake Nuit D'Issey: (CEW Insiders’ Choice Beauty Award Winner!): My husband has always liked Issey Miyake's scents. He has even purchased an Issey Miyake woman's scent for me (one of the Summer fragrances a few years back). So, I know that he is going to be interested in this. It smells so good: strong and sexy! A fresh, woody, leathery fragrance with bergamot, black pepper, leather, and black woods.
  • The Soap & Paper Factory Eau de Cologne in Skull and Fedora: If you are looking for a unique, hand-crafted, and non-traditional scents and packaging, look no further than the Soap & Paper Factory. I am such a fan of the line! Skull is an interesting blend of Black tea, anise, basil and citrus and Fedora is a blend of Citrus, vetiver, nutmeg and patchouli. I really enjoy the lightness and freshness of these scents for Summer. I hope my husband likes wearing them, too, as I really love the scents! 
  • CLEAN for Men Classic Gift Set: (CEW Insiders’ Choice Beauty Award Winner!): This scent is modern and classic with a fresh twist. The set is a great deal and includes Set includes CLEAN For Men Classic Eau de Toilette, 2.4 Fl. Oz and CLEAN For Men Classic Moisture-Absorbent Deodorant , 2.6 Oz. Top Notes: Bergamot, Basil & Saffro Mid Notes: Juniper Berry, Violet leaf & Jasmin Base Notes: Musk, Vetiver & Oud. 
  • Jack Black Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser: I have seen my Hub scoping out these products before when we have been out shopping. So, I am super excited to give this to him. Plus, it is another CEW Insiders’ Choice Beauty Award Winner! This product can be used for cleansing or for a purifying mask. I will admit, I want to try it, too! :)
  • L'Occitane Luxury Shave Collection: We are such HUGE fans of L'Occitane in our house. My husband is going to go bananas over this luxury shave set! He really likes giving himself the old-fashioned shave with the brush. So, he will love this! This collection includes: Cade Plisson Shaving Brush, Cade Plisson Razor, and the Cade Rich Shaving Cream 7 .oz. This awesome set of Men's shaving goodies retails for $140, but it is a value of $174!
  • L'Occitane Cade Star Gift Set: My husband already wears Cade and is almost out! So, I know that he is going to love to replenish one of his favorite scents with this gift set. Just like all the L'Occitane gift sets, this one is an incredible value. This gift set includes: Cade Eau de Toilette 3.4 fl.oz, Cade Reinvigorating Shower Gel 3.4 fl.oz, and L'Occitane Pebble Soap 3.5 .oz. Retails for $60 with a $86.00 value. 
  • Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Replenishing Hand Cream: Molton Brown has such a great assortment of bath and body products that are appealing to men. This Orange & Bergamot Replenishing Hand Cream has such a divine scent: Top note: fragrant bergamot, Middle note: delicate neroli. Base note: musk. My husband applies a hand cream every night before bed. So, he is going to love this!
  • Stetson Caliber Cologne Spray: This one is actually a gift for my Dad! I just find that this scent is a better fit for my Dad than my Husband. The scent is a mix of key lime, black pepper, warm sandalwood, and American Sequoia. 

What are you giving the men/Dads in your life for Father's Day? In addition to the grooming and self-care products, I am planning a dinner that day as well as making a photo book for my Husband.

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